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Chapter 1. Collaboration tools.

No description

Alba Castro

on 31 August 2015

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Transcript of Chapter 1. Collaboration tools.

Collaboration Tools
They allow the constant communication among the people that have a common goal.

Communication, Time Administration and Human Resources.
Collaborated Work
The generalized use of data networks. Refers to the software that lets multiple users exchange information and documents.
Types of collaboration
Word processors
Mobile and Computer Applications
Google drive
Microsoft OneDrive
Third-party applications

Elements and factors that affects it.
The time, that it refers to the due date in which the task has to be done. Human resources, refers to the amount of people or man-hours the on counts on in order to carry out of task. And budget, that refers to the assigned amount of money to invest in material, tools, salaries, and all the required expenses.
Chapter 1. Collaboration tools.

Are those who better the change of information among group of persons.
The most important ones=
Address book, Message board, Web 2.0, Webs, Blogs between many more.
Types of collaborative
documents and sharing options
• The term document refers to a letter or piece written text in which the information was registered in a manual or mechanical purpose of supporting a fact.
• The term is now also used to refer to electronic files that gather and restore information.
• Apps are tools that are now called productivity tool.
Typing documents, solving math equations, making graph representations, gathering the opinion of diferent people, and organizing the information in a way everyone can understand.
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