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Macro Project Proposal

No description

Olivia Diaz

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Macro Project Proposal

The Center
Established in 1968 to help individuals suffering from poverty.
In 1969, United Way began contributing to their services.
After the Fuller's created a day care for children, Ben and Mae Volen decided to contribute towards the aging community.
It began with Mae donating a bus with a wheelchair lift and it didn't stop there.
The Volen's funded the Life Enrichment program and the construction for a new building for the seniors. They named this building after Mae Volen.
The Mae Volen Center has since succeeded on providing helpful service to the senior population.
Transportation System
Life Enrichment Center
The Garden Bridge
The Alzheimer's Day Care
Volen Bistro
The YMCA Preschool

Great care giving and care management
With some success, the money given would trickle own through the districts and into business like the Volen Center who give aid to seniors. This would decrease the wait list and give more services to seniors.
Macro Project Proposal
By: Olivia Diaz

Survey Questions
& Results
1. What does the Volen Center need in resources to eliminate the wait list?
a. The wait list is inevitable. To reduce the waitlist, the Mae Volen Center would need more money for their monthly budget, which from the state.

2. Why is there a wait list?
a. There is a wait list because so many aging people need some sort of services. From something minor as meals to something major like the inability to dress or bath ones self. A questionnaire is given to determine the severity of needs.

3. Why does the wait list take so long?
a. It takes a long time due to the budget the Volen Center is given per month. It’s also due to where the elderly person is placed on the scale after the questionnaire.

4. Does the Volen Center have enough staff for their clients?
a. Yes.

5. Does the Volen Center receive enough funding from their providers to give the services if they have more elderly people becoming accepted?
a. Yes, if the Volen Center had more elderly people, they would already have a higher monthly budget so they could provide to more people. So essentially, it goes hand in hand with each other.
Survey Questions
& Results
6. Is there a sliding scale being used? If so, how does it work?
a. No, there is no sliding scale.

7. How are people receiving services acquiring their money to qualify for services? What do they have vs. wait list clients?
a. It’s not so much about an elder’s income; it’s more so focused on the severity of their needs. The cycle is, they call the helpline and receive a survey based on health, ADLs, IADLs, and a brief on their finances. From there, the person’s survey is logged into the computer and it isn’t subjective. Based off of where they stand on the ranking, 1 being the least amount of needs and 8 being the most, they’re placed on the list and for services. When the Volen Center can accept more people, they start at the top of the list.

8. Does the Volen Center work with one or more subsidized service companies? Who are they?
a. They are the subsidized company.

9. Other than the subsidized service, does the Volen Center market other organizations to help elderly clients who are struggle with finances?
a. They have an affordable Volen Bistro and a Life Enrichment program for elders that have fewer needs and are more independent. They have two programs to help clients, Community Care for the Elderly and Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative; these two programs have a co pay.

10. How can we get more seniors accepted for the Volen Center services? Minimize wait list? More funding?
a. To have more seniors be accepted at the Volen Center, they would need a higher monthly budget. The wait list is inevitable so it would be essential to contact senators, congress, and receive a better budget from the state. Lobbying for the elders to receive more money from the state would also help. If this is successful, the money trickles down into the districts and businesses. Currently, one competency is writing a letter to congress. Community Care for the Elderly has given a slight increase and Older Americans Act has also helped. The Older Americans Act comes from federal money and provides meals and some in home services. They also hope to design a private pay system where seniors can make payments for their services.

Ways for Improvement
Receive more funds for their monthly budget.

Have letters written to Congress and the Senate requesting for more money towards senior facilities.

There is a lack of funding to provide services to more seniors who need subsidized services.

There is a wait list that the seniors are placed on and it can take quite some time for some of those senior's needs to be addressed.

By the time they're tended to, needs have increased and they need more involved care.

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Care for the
Older Americans Act
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