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The Punic Wars

Rome vs Carthage

Daniel Look

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of The Punic Wars

The Punic
Wars Hannibal and Spain The Second War The First War The Third War ROMAN
REPUBLIC CARTHAGINIAN EMPIRE At its height, it was center for Mediterranean trade Lasted from 650-146BCE A constitutional aristocratic government lasted from 509-27BCE RICH 300+ colonies in Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, and Iberia IN 509BCE, the birth of the republic, the two superpowers signed a treaty. In times of war, a dictator would be appointed for a 6 month term. Controlled mines in Iberia (Spain) FARMERS THE ROMAN ARMY THE CARTHAGINIAN NAVY Carthage was stronger. Carthage was richer Carthage had a superior navy ROME WON HOW? 264-241BCE Carthage was THE dominant power former Phoenician colony They frequently practiced...
HUMAN SACRIFICE. 218-201BCE 149-146 BCE INVASION OF SICILY SIEGE OF SYRACUSE Despite a large opposing navy the landing was uninterrupted With no help from Carthage

Syracuse allied with Rome

And agreed to supply their army CARTHAGE MOBILIZES
ITS ARMY of mercenaries According to Philinus of Agrigentum Carthage had 50,000 infantry 6000 cavalry and 60 elephants And according to Polybius They were all either Ligurian, Celtic, or Iberian http://www.livius.org/sh-si/sicily/sicily_t09.html
http://www.thenagain.info/webchron/mediterranean/2ndPunic.html Rome starts building
ships NO previous experience copied the Carthaginian ships adapted quickly. the corvus VICTORY stalemate no more money one last battle Peace Terms Carthage
evacuates Sicily
returns prisoners of war
does not attack Syracuse
transfers Aeolian Islands and Ustica to Rome
evacuates small islands between Sicily and Africa
pays Rome money The Hannibalic War son of Hamilcar Barca, Phoenician general humiliated and angry Hannibal grew up hating Rome wanted Saguntum Roman stronghold in Carthaginian territory and after a siege, he captured it. WAR Romans tried to be diplomatic, but Carthage wanted war. Hannibal crosses the Alps (in winter!) lost over half his men and most of his elephants reached the Po River Valley with DUE TO COLD CLIMATE & RESISTANCE FROM MOUNTAIN TRIBES 20,000 infantry 6,000 cavalry a few elephants 10,000 Gauls Hannibal in Italy Battle of Lake Trasimene Battle of Cannae Romans were SLAUGHTERED. 60, 000 Romans DEAD. Battle of Metarus Rome finally gets something done! Battle of Zama Hannibal is DEFEATED 151 BCE Carthage launches an attack on Numidia In its already weakened state RESULTS: Numidia wins Carthage lands itself another 50 year debt 25,000 soldiers Rome was displeased with Carthage's decision The compromise: Carthage would allow Rome to hold 300 children of rich Carthaginians as hostage Even with this peace, Utica defected to Rome and 80,000 solders were stationed there Consuls demanded Carthage be disarmed Despite this, they were also required to move 10 miles inland while the city be burned NEGOTIATIONS ARE NOW OVER Carthage is besieged immediately Carthage fights with fire and innovation but after three years, the technologically and numerically advantageous Romans defeated them secured all of Italian peninsula useless Latin War Samnite wars Pyrrhic War no navy no permanent standing army The Mercenary War 240 BCE mercenary uprising Libya where's the money? wealthy, patriotic citizens!
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