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Plankton PowerPoint

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Richanne Washington

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Plankton PowerPoint

Plankton PowerPoint
some forms of plankton can make several hundreds of meters vertically in a single day(a behavior called vertically migration).
larger organisms such as squid, fish, & marine mammals that can control their horizontal movement & swim against the average flow of the water environment are called newton
the study of plankton is termed planktology.
plankton are divided into 3 types
phytoplankton (from greek python or plant), algae that live near the water surface where there is sufficient light to support photosynthesis
plankton is not the name of a plant or animal but more of a category for any drifting organism that inhabits the middle to upper levels of the ocean.
their horizontal position is mostly determined by movement currents of the body of water they inhabit
the word plankton is greek for "wanderer" or "drifter"
(from greek zoo or animal), small protozoa crustaceans,jellyfish & various other animals that feed on other plankton. some of the eggs and larvae of larger animals such as fish,crustaceans,& annelids are included here.
bacteria & archoea which plays an important role is absorbing nutrients disslved in the water
Are jellyfish plankton?
yes they staisisy the 2 requirements to be called plankton: they live in the pelagic zone and they drift for a living technically they are zooplankton
where do plankton fit into the food chain?
plankton inhabits the botton layers of the food chain
the oceanic food chain looks like this.
An inside look on plankton.
Does plankton help with greenhouse gases?
yes, they actually increas their numbers in response to increasing levels of dissolved Co2
as rising levels of Co2 are asbored by the oceans phytoplankton which for about 30% of earths natural Co2 processing -they are becoming acidic as Co2 is absorbed carbonic acid is released
as oceans warm up upwelling which carries essential nutrients are prevented and 40% of earths phytoplankton the base is the entire ocean food chain is missing.
according to professor Jean-Pierre Gattuso of the national cenet for science research in France the Artic Ocean is becoming so acidiciti will dissolve shells of the sea creates within 10 years

Plankton Facts
plankton lives in lakes and oceans.
plankton makes up the first layer of the oceanic foodchain.
only bacteria out numbers plankton
plankton out weighs all the sea animals
fish larva start off life as plankton as they are drifters
What Do Plankton Eat?
lower level plankton like phytoplankton rely on the sun for photosynthisis.
upper level plankton like zooplankton feed on the phytoplankton.
What Eats Plankton?
all filter feeders like baleen whales, clams, krill, sponges herring, and other plankton.
there are about 5,000 plankton species.
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