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Andrea Perry's ePortfolio

No description

Andrea Perry

on 25 September 2011

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Transcript of Andrea Perry's ePortfolio

My interests are in new media and computer literacies, digital rhetorics and the psychology of media, instructional design and evaluation, mobile learning, intellectual property, and digital storytelling. I am currently working towards my Master's in Educational Technology with a concentration in Learning, Design, and Technology. I believe that new technologies have the potential of changing what and how students learn, and they can also alter the task of teaching in significant ways. As part of the Educational Technology program at Michigan State University, I examine and reflect on the complex charge of being responsible for managing relationships between technology, teaching and learning. The following are just a few of the topics explored: As the copy editor and webmaster for the Offbeat, a literary journal, I designed and created a multi-page, fully-functional, CSS website complete with a new logo.

For this project I used Dreamweaver and Photoshop CS5 and the FileZilla FTP Client.
To view the site live, go to https://msu.edu/~offbeat I designed and developed a five-module online course titled Introduction to AdvisorTrac that includes written instructions, screencast lab exercises, and a series of assessments. Alternative methods of educational research
Online learning management systems Methods of design and evaluation
Technology and leadership Introduction to AdvisorTrac The course was developed on an aggressive timeline in order to meet institutional training requirements. It is designed to train employees across multiple service sectors of Lansing Community College on a new technological literacy.
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