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Tuesday, October 13th

No description

erika steinger

on 12 October 2015

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Transcript of Tuesday, October 13th

stop and jot
stop and jot
Puritans and McCarthyism
Abigail Williams
John Proctor
Do Now
Copy down the Lesson EQ
Respond to the following question in your notes:
Describe the type of person most likely to be accused of witchcraft, including character traits and social status
Explain your response.

Tuesday, October 13th
Elizabeth Proctor
John Proctor's wife
Fires Abigail when she learns of affair
Honest to a fault
Loves her husband, but feels unworthy
rebecca Nurse
Francis Nurse's wife
Sensible and and wise woman
Well-respected in the community
Becomes hysterical amidst accusations of witchcraft
Senator Joseph McCarthy- 1950s
Post-war fear of a Communist takeover and nuclear holocaust in America
McCarthy claimed to know of 205 Communist spies working undercover for the state- propelled him to national spotlight
Naming Communists earned a reward, refusal led to punishment
Turn and Talk
Turn to your partner to discuss your response to the Do Now
Describe the type of person most likely to be accused of witchcraft, including character traits and social status
Explain your response.
Reverend John Hale
Minister in a nearby town
Expert in identifying witchcraft
Considers himself a "physician of the soul"
Believes the world is black and white and that he could see the difference
Insists on uncovering facts
Why did the Puritans leave England to settle in America?
Strictly follow the Bible for socially acceptable behavior
Value hard work and honesty
See physical wants as the Devil
Left England to avoid religious persecution
Why is this ironic?
What does this suggest about the accusers?

What were the driving forces behind the accusers in these parallel societies?
Central character of the play
Farmer in his 30's
Committed adultery
Strained relationship with his wife
Strong sense of character and hates hypocrites
Feared and resented by people he has made to feel foolish
Represents the role of an individual versus an unjust society
Former servant and mistress of John Proctor
Niece of Reverend Parris
Parents were killed by Native Americans when she was a child
The leader of her group of girlfriends
Smart, good liar, seeks revenge
Reverend Parris
Town Minister- harsh in his sermons
Obsessed with his reputation
Insecure and paranoid that someone will steal his position
Quick to anger
Francis Nurse
Wealthy farmer and landowner
Well-respected, but resented for his wealth
Has had physical fights with Putnam over land
His family was involved in Putnam's brother-in-law being rejected for Minister
judge danforth
Deputy Governor and presiding Judge over trials
Believes he is honest and doing the right thing
Signs death sentences for those who don't confess
Refuses to delay for fear of being seen as weak
giles corey
Elderly, but feisty, farmer
Famous for filing lawsuits
thomas putnam
Wealthy and influential citizen
Holds a grudge against Francis Nurse
Uses the trials to gain power and wealth from the accused
ann putnam
Thomas's wife
Mother to 8 children, 7 of whom died, and is convinced they were murdered by supernatural means
ruth putnam
Lone surviving child
Falls into a stupor after being caught dancing in the woods
Slave to Reverend Parris, of whom she is terrified
Originally from Barbados
Lowest wrung of Salem society (black, female slave)
mary Warren
Servant of the Proctor's and friend of Abigail's
Easily influenced
Tried to expose the hoax and took back her confession
betty parris
Reverend's 10-year-old daughter
Fell into a stupor after caught dancing in the woods, which inspired first rumors of witchcraft
ezekiel cheever
Clerk of the court and determined to see justice
Assists in arresting the accused
judge Hathorne
Assists Danforth in presiding over trials
Arrogant and unpleasant man that wholeheartedly believes in the Puritan values and his duty to uphold them
mercy lewis
Abigail's best and most faithful friend
Servant to the Putnam's but listens to Abigail over them
Claims to see spirits to accuse others
Susanna walcott
One of Abigail's mean friends
Assists in making accusations of witchcraft
Police marshal appointed by the court
Arrests people because it's his job, not because he wants to
martha corey
Giles's third wife
Reads all night, keeping her husband awake
Husband can't read but thinks her books are strange
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