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Innovative Professional Development

Using Innovative Technology to Facilitate Professional Development

Kelly Burgess

on 13 March 2012

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Transcript of Innovative Professional Development

Vanguard Training Collaborative Planning Weeks Academic Coaches Analyze Data Survey Monkey Google Forms Ongoing Collaboration wikis twitter Skype diigo google tools Innovative Professional Development Build Internal Capacity IMPACT in a Nutshell Empower Teacher Leaders Providing Opportunities Lunch & Learns Just-in-Time PD Support teachers in their learning Results Increase Student Achievement The Problem... Cuban et al. (2001) found that access to educational software and hardward did not lead to its widespread use in classroom learning because of top-down approach. Teachers working in isolation Change is difficult The Solution... Where are we going next? Continue Collaborative Planning Sessions Market our PD to others Third Party Surveys Co-teaching Remove obstacles by anticipating needs child-care Provide choice within PD schedule Provide time to "play" Address different ability/comfort levels Address principles of adult learning. (Malcolm Knowles)
Adults are self-directed
Adults have aquired a foundation of knowledge
Adults are goal-oriented
Adults are relevancy oriented
Adults are practical
Adults must be shown respect When using new technology teachers must be willing to:
Be flexible
Assess student needs
Initiate collaboration
Ask for help
Celebrate successes
Change roles Getting Ready... Leadership must articulate a clear vision and clear expectations Get buy-in USING INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY TO FACILITATE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT blogs Lack of Time Lack of funds Insufficient pool of knowledge SRS Data Testing Data Formative Assessments Increased Teacher Retention Teacher Working Conditions Improved
Cooperative Working Environment Continue to assess staff for need areas Seek grant funding Co-planning Summer PD weeks www.diigo.com for example: http://the8blog.wordpress.com/ example: http://tigerliteracy.wikispaces.com/ Kannapolis IMPACT Schools Giving teachers ability to override blocked websites What do you want to leave our session knowing? www.wordle.net Participant Proficiency Levels Planning for Your Professional Development (http://tinyurl.com/IMPACTPD) KMS 3-year Trend of Student Performance- Math Improved School Climate ALB 3-year Trend of Student Performance- Math ALB 2-year Trend of Student Performace-Reading KMS 3-year Trend of Student Performance- Reading
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