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Self-introduction xp

No description

xie pan

on 22 September 2012

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Transcript of Self-introduction xp

A brief retrospect of 3 years study in WHU
and prospect in PKU Who am I? School of Resource and Environmental Science

Urban and Rural Planning & Resource Management Xie Pan from WHU Theoretical Courses Physical Geography
Humanistic Geography
Economic Geography
Chinese Geography
World Geography Special Basis Course Professional Core Courses Focus on "3S" Environmental catastrophology
Environmental Evaluation and Planning
Natural Resources Study
Land Planning Principle
Resource Environmental Management System
City Environmental Analysis
Urban Planning Principle Introduction of Remote Sensing
Digital Image Processing
The Principles of GIS
Map Designing and Compiling
Web GIS Mathematics & Computer Advanced Mathematics
Linear Algebra
Probability and Mathematical Statistics
Essentials and Application of Computer
Data Structure
Computer Graphics
Principles of Database
Computer Network
Objected-Oriented Programming Practice Curriculum Digital Mapping & GPS Geographic Internship in Mount Lu Secondary Development of GIS RS Image Processing The Simulation Environmental System Map Designing and Compiling Project Experiences GPA:3.82/4
Ranking:2/28 National Scholarship
National Encouragement scholarship

Successful Participation in MCM
Third Prize in NECCS

CET-4:607 CET-6:597
National Computer Rank :2&3
Good command of ArcGIS, ENVI, ERDAS etc. The development of Water quality management model system in Qingshuihai reservoir

The development of Paddy production model based on MODIS Excellent communist youth league cadres
Summer social practice advanced individual
Outstanding Young Volunteer
Volunteer Teaching in Dabie Mountains Area Extracurricular Life Comprehensive Knowledge

Good Command of GIS and RS

Good English Skills

Good Communication

Innovation&Diligence&Enthusiasm My
Advantages My
Interest Participate in seminar and determine research topic

Reading domestic and foreign literature, analyze and summarize

Learn to write papers and be familiar with relevant software and facilities

Attending an international conference, improving communicative competence Future Planning THANKS! THE END 90 Days Before The End of The World And this is why I choose I can accept failure but I can't accept not trying. If 2012 is not the end of the world, I would devote myself to... Using GIS and RS as a tool to solve problems in land resources crisis, global ecology , global change, disaster risk etc. PKU Data Integration & Spatial Analysis by GIS
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