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Partition of India

No description

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Partition of India

Modern India
Independence and Partition
-Last unit, we studied about a Partition Plan that took place in 1947 in the Middle East, what was it?

-What happened after the Partition plan?

-Was it successful?
Individually, answer the essential question

Use at least 3 new words from the word bank;
Use 1 sentence frame
Indian Independence and Partition
Essential question: Was India's Partition Plan a good idea based on what people knew at the time?


1. Background lecture

2. Inquiry

3. What is your claim?

Partition is a wall or screen separating one area from another
Partition of India
In the context of India, It means the act
of dividing and parting the Indian Subcontinent into modern day Pakistan and
India independence and Partition
Nationalism slowly turned into Hindu-Muslim tensions and conflicts.
Hindu side: Indian National Congress-Jawaharlal Nehru

Muslim side: All-Indian Muslim League, led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah, demanded a separate Muslim nation

British side: Granted India independence and rushed through the Partition Plan
Politically: the independence and Partition of India marked the end of British Imperialism.

Socially: 15 million people migrated due to fear and violence.

Gandhi: Gandhi was assassinated by Hindu extremist after his call for unity and peace.
Based on our knowledge of UN Partition Plan in the Middle East, what are some problems that may arise?

Think-Pair-Share: Who were the main actors during Partition process?
Follow along with the timeline and consider the following questions

1. Who was one of the biggest supporters
of a Muslim state?

2. Why did some Muslim leaders want
a separate Muslim State? What worried them about a united India?

3.Why might some blame the British for the violence that resulted from Partition?
Work with your partner, be ready to share out the 3 questions for the Timeline in 5 mins.
Document A+B
Read the document with your group,
write down your answers for the discussion questions.
A1 A2
B1 B2
Based on the documents, was India's
Partition Plan a good decision?
Why or why not?

Use evidence from document to support
these reasons.
Video clips and Oral History
Clip 1: read the guiding questions for Nayar's interview

Clip 2: read the guiding questions for Chaudhry's interview
Use the graphic organizer
and decide whether India's
Partition Plan was a good decision?
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