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PSYC 4000 UWC Workshop: Peer Review, Lit. Reviews, Synthesis

(Alexis, February 2017)

Writing Center

on 2 October 2017

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Transcript of PSYC 4000 UWC Workshop: Peer Review, Lit. Reviews, Synthesis

PSYC 4000
Peer Review, Literature Reviews, & Synthesis
What is it?
One Way
In general, the noun synthesis refers to a combination of two or more entities that together form something new.
The Dinner Party Research Conversation
Another Idea for Synthesis
Literature Map
University Writing Center
East Carolina University
Lit Reviews
Literature Review:
a way to learn more about your topic and contribute to a conversation in your academic community.
Give credit.
Give others' ideas.
Gain credibility.
Annotated Bib. vs. Lit. Review
Other ideas?
6 Key Questions
Review each Source:
1) What studies provide the best information on the selected topic?

2) What do these studies conclude?

3) What are the apparent methodological strengths and weaknesses of these studies?

4) What remains to be discovered?

5) What methods have proven most effective/least effective?

1) How much is known about the subject?

2) What is the best available information on the subject, and why is it better than other information?

3) What research methods have been used in relevant studies?

4) What are the possible sources of data for further investigation of this topic?

5) What important information is still not known?

6) How can the concepts being researched be more precisely defined?
Writing into the Workshop...

Have you written a literature review before? If so, what worked well in your writing process? What was a challenge you faced?
What questions do you have about writing a literature review in this course?
What questions do you have about writing in APA style?
What goals do you have for this session? What would you like to learn today?
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