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British history - an overview

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Therese Holm

on 31 August 2014

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Transcript of British history - an overview

British history - an overview
Main question:
How has the UK become what is is today?
Early Britain - A United Kingdom
Tudors, Reformation, Elizabeth I
Henry VIII: England, Wales, Ireland
Act of Union 1506: Wales - MPs, courts
Act of Union 1801: Ireland united w England

Idea 4
The Empire, The Industrial Revolution, Napoleonic wars, Victorian Age, More wars
Hadrian's wall
Celts: outer edges, languages
Romans: AD43, 400 years, "Britannia", cities, roads -chester
Anglo-Saxons: "England", government, counties, -ton/-ing/-ingham
Vikings: AD793, rivers, 300 years, assimilation, -by/-thorpe/-toft
Normans: Descendants of vikings, 300 years of French, 1066 Battle of Hastings, William the Conqueror, feudal system
Magna Carta: 1215, restricting royal powers

Magna Carta
1067: First invasion of Wales
1169: Ireland, 800 years
1284: Wales
1314: Scotland, Battle of Bannockburn, 400 years
1707: England + Scotland = United Kingdom of Great Britain
Creating the United Kingdom
1337-1453: War with France
1455-1485: War of the Roses
Henry Tudor of Wales becomes
Henry VII of England
The Roman Empire
-ton, -ingham, -by,
Elizabeth I: 1558-1603
Shakespeare, Virgina, start of the British Empire
James VI of Scotland = James I of England
Charles I of England, 1642 absolute monarch
Royalist Cavaliers vs Roundheads (Cromwell)
Civil War, Charles I executed 1649
Oliver Cromwell Lord Protectorate, 1653-1658
Charles II - The Merry Monarch 1658-1685
British colonies, trade, religious persecutions
James II (Catholic) 1685-1688
Mary (Protestant) + William of Orange
Bill of Rights - Glorious revolution
1776: "no taxation without representation"
Canada, Carib isles: triangular trade
Australia: Convicts
India: British East India Company
Why Britain?
Inventions - 1782: Steam engine
Transportation - roads, canals
Energy - coal, water
Raw material - from colonies
Financial institutions
The Empire - trade
Workers - Population growth + surplus of labourers
--> Social reforms
1793: Napoleonic Wars
Admiral Nelson, Battle of Trafalgar
Duke of Wellington, Waterloo
Queen Victoria (1819-1901)
The British Empire
Territorial wars: Crimean war, Scramble for Africa
Inventions: Railway lines, underground line, gaslights
Political issues: Right to vote, class structure, child labour, women's rights, education
Cultural / scientific: Darwin, Dickens, Brontë
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