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Understand the kinds of influences that affect childrens dev

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on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Understand the kinds of influences that affect childrens dev

A child's health can affect them due to all children have different health issues. For example a child with SEN, and a child with asthma. Both very different but both health issues than can affect children. Health can affect children because for the children that have to visit hospitals numerous of times, that could affect the child's confidence because the child's absence from school can affect his relationship with friends and the child's education will be lacking due to the time off.
A child's environment can affect them because all living environment for each child are different. The neighborhood environment the child's live in can affect them because if that child lives in a rough area known for crime and violence then that behavior could come onto the child because of the influences that surround the child.
Culture can affect children because a child may not understand the difference between cultures, religions and beliefs. If a child has a different religion or belief that child may then feel excluded and their development would be impacted. An example of culture affecting a child's development is if English isn't their first language.
Parents and Other Adults
All children's parents have different beliefs, handle situations differently and behave differently. This can influence the child as they would look up to their parents as a positive role model. However not all parents are suitable or positive role models, for example, drugs, alcoholic or abuse problems.This would then affect the child because that child would see their actions as normal and assume this type of behavior as acceptable.
A child's background can massively influence children's development because children's backgrounds will be different. For example one child's background could be a parent can be on benefits. Whereas another child's background could be both parents working full time and able to afford more things. This affects children's development because some children might not get what other children do, for example, getting the resources for homework.
Family Circumstances
All families have different ways of raising a child,but in any family there will be a family circumstances, for example if their is a death in the family. A death in the family can have a huge impact on a child's development because it can be hard for the child to come to terms with the situation which would affect the child's development in all areas because the child wouldn't want to take part in anything.

Understand the kinds of influences that affect children's development
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