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Haddy Maki

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Vietnam

Flag was adopted on November 30th 1955
Flag is a yellow 5 pointed star on a red background
Red stands for luck and happiness with liberty that came through a long struggle
Yellow color for loyalty while the star stands for social ideas
National flag should never be flown above another national flag
Flag should never be allowed to drag on the ground
Faded or tattered flag needs to be replaced right away.
When in distress is to be hung upside down
Half staff or half mast- grief or mourning
Hoist- raising the flag on a rope
(Vietnamese flag)
Communist Government
19- member government council
leaders are president and prime minster
only one political party called CPV
CPV is Communist party of Vietnam
voting age is 18 for it to be legal
Head of state is Truong Tan Sang
( Subcriber Area)
Head of government is Prime Minister Nguyen Tan- Dung
Independence day is September 2 1945
National assembly plays a big role in their government
National assembly is a legislature or lower house
National assembly selects president, prime minister, cabinets and chief justice.
( Central Intelligence agency)

During May- Sept they receive a large amount of southeasterly winds
Summer rainfall occurs a lot in most areas
Southern part of Vietnam is very tropical
North half has four seasons
Winter there never gets to freezing point
South in September is hot and rainy and does not receive winter
Temperatures are often about 84 degrees Fahrenheit
Thirty percent is covered by tropics
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Main language is vietnamese
each syllable is a word
Each word has six tones/ Six meanings
Some adults speak Russian
The school alphabet goes from A-Y and then has seven extra letters of their own
Total of 29 letters in the alphabet
Most of the people are not really from Vietnam due to the soviet union
There is a large mix of languages a good chunk is English
( Subscriber area)
Vertically Vietnam is 1,000 miles long
Tropical lowlands
Forest highland
country is divided by the Highlands
Major river is Red River Delta
Country is the shape of an "s"
Geographic coordinates are 16,10 N and 107, 50 E
Highlands and Mountain plateaus in North half
North is taken up by tribal groups due to geography
birth rate is 16.56 births/ 1,000 population
life expectancy is 72
education is 6.6% of GDP
95% literacy
10 years for schooling
age 5-14 child labor is 16%
obesity rate is 1.7 %
Kinh is the largest ethnic group of 85.7%
( Central intelligence agency)
Everyday clothes are casual
tradition and some schools make women wear Ao Dai
clothes tradition is disappearing new fashion
everyone wears sandals when warm out
"Non la" is worn in mostly rural areas
Gold is a national color so it is suggested to be worn in your attire
North receives much rainfall so warm clothes is necessary
South is very warm and made up of beaches but still can be cold so spring attire is advised (
Vietnam Traditional customs)
Found in the constitution people have rights to any religion
Twenty percent are Buddhism.
Most families has an alter of place to worship in their homes
Buddhism is the largest religion of the world, and was the first in Vietnam.
Beliefs are sacred
Country has no main religion
To many Buddhism is to be prominently the nations religion.
Many religions can be found there
plays a big role in families that make them close
Religion has a large influence.
( The religions)
Gestures/ Manners
Inappropriate to touch someone else head
Body to them is very spiritual
Rude to use our index finger towards someone
Hand gestures are extremely rare
Verbal communication is significant to them
Common for same genders to hold hands
Men and women do not show public affection
Crossing fingers is inappropriate
Use both hands to pass or catch an object
Greeting is by the bow of the head
being before the given time is to be the right thing to do
everyone is to help each other.
family help on another, even extended members
(subscriber area)
Vietnam's history was first recorded during the first century
Hong Bang was its first dynasty beginning in 939 A.D
Then during the World War II Japan occupied Vietnam and even when the japanese where defeated
( central intelligence
Viet Minh was the leader of the anti-french movement that took rule after the war
September 2nd 1945 communist leader Ho Chin Minh claimed independence
1954 was then a war between the North and south part of Vietnam
1978 Cambodia repeatedly attacked the South 1978 China invaded the North
1989 Cambodia stopped attacking
2000 China and the North settled borders
There are still civil liberties in Vietnam (
Subscribers only)
Money there is called Dong
most stores or business accept U.S money
bills come as 1,000 dongs and 500,000 dongs
on their bills are pics of Ho Chin Minh
Ho Chin Minh was communist revolutionary leader
Back of the bills is a pic of Quoc Tu Giam temple
Quoc Tu Giam is devoted in memory of Confucius and philosophers of Confucianism
There are different colors for the amount of money
Green-100. Red- 50. Orange-200. Blue-500.
Vietnam is now apart of the world trade
Wages for workers are low
Its really good to invest in the markets there because of the demand and cheep labor
Economy is now changing to manufacturing run society
( why invest )
GDP: $320.1 billion
Hanoi is the capital the second largest city in the country
Capital used to be all tradition now is a growing industry
Many urban areas desire the abilities to have business or trade
Agriculture remains active which employes two thirds of the labor force
Joined World trade in January 2007
poverty is decreasing because of the economy is good
since 2012 their exporting increased by more than twelve percent
Vietnam has a system called "Three pillers" to help their economy
unemployment rate is 4.3 percent which is lower than the United States
Export is $109.4 billion
( Vietnam economy)
Food grown here : Paddy rice, Coffee, rubber, tea, pepper, soybeans, cashews, sugar cane, peanuts, Bananas, Poultry, fish, seafood
Three meals per day
Chopsticks and rice bowls are used in most meals
customs say if you eat with your rice bowls on the table you are lazy.
In the middle of the table is where the food is located
Eat on mats on the ground
Females are to wash the dishes
Rice is the most important food in Vietnam
Most dishes are made up of rice, vegetables and some meat.
(subscriber area)
Family Life
Under the same house hold the family consist of the parents , their unmarried children, married sons and their families
More traditions are fading as the modern day is now catching up and you now rarely see that type of family system
Eldest son creates their own household while the youngest son takes over their parents home are takes care of the parents.
Women today are now able to go out and get a job but still do the household work
The family tradition was from some of the chinese tradition
Vietnam family saying is " Blood is thicker than water"
Family comes first
Parents jobs are to dedicate their life to their children
Education is highly valued
was once under the Confucian system
in 1975 the South controlled private and public schools
Education was then for making ideas and connecting it to the economics and social needs
in order to speak in class is if they know the answer completely or spoken to
class discipline is shown in the schools
Vietnam has had trouble with getting to the education standards they had.
(subscriber area)
Global contribution
Vietnam helps out with trade due to the fact that they produce many resources that they give out to the rest of the world while still helping their country with their economy by selling and buying to balance their money .Which goes to show that they help out other countries with food or products that the country can't grow or produce so they receive it from Vietnam
Vietnam also helps out with poverty rate they have less poor and stranded people than most countries and most of it comes off from their traditions and education that makes the people their have a hard time to not be poor or not having anything. The country helps its people to make it well run and influence others
Tradition / holidays
New years is the same in Vietnam as it is in the U.S
Lunar festival is a religious holiday and its very big in Vietnam because of the religion there.
National Anniversary of Hung Kings dynasty that ended very quickly
April 30th is victory day from the Vietnam war
vietnamese national day for there independence day on September 2
Hat Xam is a traditional song where many people take it into a story or a poem
Tea is also a very large tradition you are to drink tea everyday as a spiritual treatment, they also use it in ceremonies or at weddings
(Embassy of United States)
Information Technology
Government controls all of the internet and cell phone uses
23.382 million people use the internet
134.066 million people that use cell phones
10.191 million use land lines
most of the radio stations are talk shows or weather reports
minimum music played in Vietnam
( Central Intelligence Agency)
1925 was the first time art was documented
Doi Moi " open door" is a famous painting
art became a meaning and something big after the french war and the Vietnam war
1986 when modern art began
They have three art schools in the country
there are many baskets that are made from many artist and pottery is another found thing
many pots and clay sculptures are made in the north due to the geography
there are many paintings that are simple but are very famous
(shortlist Vietnam)
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Critical Thinking
critical thinking
Critical Thinking
critical thinking
Tourism and the exportation of agricultural goods are a result of the geography. Tourism is an economic benefit due to the geographical location of the country. It has a tropical climate and many beaches that draw tourists. The land uses are decreasing due to the government taking over the land to build cities and industries.
By Haddy Maki
The Ao Dai demonstrates the wearers artistic choices and expressions. The Ao Dai is a prominent part in their society and has been worn for many generations.
When it comes to religion, as long as government and economic interests come first religious practices are tolerated. Most of the people in Vietnam claim to be non religious, but all the pagodas and temples that are still in use across the country that tells a different story.
In their society they do a lot of things that are different than what we do as Americans. An example would be the same gender will hold hands in public but the opposite genders do not have public displays of affection. Having manners and greeting people in a certain way is also based off their religion and how they are to treat others.
Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking
Critical thinking
Japan desperately needed oil during World War II so they invaded Vietnam in hopes to get oil for their war time economy. Ho Chi Minh established a communist government in the north then eventually in the south.
Although Vietnam is a communist economy it has recently opened up to the western way of economics which is capitalism.They have embraced the capitalism it still hasn't changed much is the social group and area because of the low wages for workers
Critical Thinking
Vietnam has many different types of geography which makes the climate different in each area. It has mountains, plains, and river deltas that have their own unique climate.Because of the tropical climate you are able to grow foods to feed the country and export food to other countries which also helps their economy.
Vietnam has a well run government to be able to have a poverty rate that is lower than most countries and is able to have a high GDP. Vietnam is becoming more modern and high in technology that they are able to use the systems that other countries have to help their economy and relations with trade more easier and advanced.
Their second language is mostly English or Russian it is easier for them to communicate with most of the people in this world which makes peace treaties and understanding one another quite well. With computers and the science that we have today they are also able to fix things or go places knowing more about the language really quickly.
The food the Vietnamese people grow all depends on the geography and the weather if there is a change in the geography or climate they could loose on of their biggest export. If Vietnam looses their food and export it would hurt the economy very much but with today's world coming into play they could easily get back on their feet.
The families are close together and spend most of their time together that they really don't socialize with other people. Depending on their religion some families operate differently than others which can cause conflict or a separation in a group of people
They way the flags is suppose to be hung and kept is the same as most countries so the governments have some similarities. The flag significance to it which can cause people to act and respect that they have freedom and be able to have a safe home and family.
The modern day is growing into the country which makes the government have a different change and look towards things in a different view. Which can help the countries economy also which makes the country stable.
When the government makes sure that everyone gets an education it can help out the economy which raises the amount of people that live in the country who want to live in a good environment and society.
Education plays an important role in their society. It helps their economy because most of the population goes to school and get jobs to increase the economy. This all stems back to the government who sets the education that is mandatory and makes sure they are handing the country over at some point to a younger generation that will follow their foot steps.
Keeping the traditions is something that every family around the world tries to do. With all of the new modernization that is weaving its way into the traditional lives of many people and you can see it in Vietnam with the families on how the other generations are not all living under one roof
Critical Thinking
Even though their cities are updating and are in the modern world of business and socializing they still are a little slow when it comes to public technology. They might have the latest smart devices but using music and using the web for chatting and online gaming is rare to see. The government controls and regulates everything even the radios where most of the time are talk shows or political stations.
Since there is meaning in the art work they do many are in gallerias where many social groups go to see the art work that a person who expressed their style in the art. With all of the art pieces that people buy or pay to see brings in money to help the economy.
Current issue
On December 29th a report of a flood in Vietnam killing 34 people and 11 other people missing. The flood lasted for seven days and caused many tourist to evacuate the area. Many of the homes where lost along with peoples belongings and caused them to travel on boat to safety. The last rain fall on Sunday was the high point that killed 20 out of 34 people who died due to the flood. (
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