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Regine Miller

No description

Alison Williams

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Regine Miller

Marrage . Regine was send to camp to live with Monsieur, Madane Carpentier who has two children who was Jean,Marie. Birth Regine Miller was born in 1932 in Belgium. War In the spring of 1940 , still the war in Euurope had been going on for month . and Jewish people had been taken away from thier family. A few month later Regine father deside that it would not be safe for her to stay so he send her to live with a old woman who was Madame Andre. Leon had been taken away by the gearman solder. Early morning of 1942 Later in 1945 Regine was send to live with Sylvieand Pierre Wathieus who was kind to her. At age of 18 she married a survivor of the Buchenwald concentration camp and went on to have two children . In 1958 , the family immigrated to Canada where Regine worked as an editorial assistant and translator in Montreal.She live there to this day.
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