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China (Sun Yat-Sen

No description

Jazmine Johnson

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of China (Sun Yat-Sen


1. He was born on November 12, 1866.
2. As a young boy he moved to Hawaii.
3. Early in his adulthood he got arrested for trying to enter the US.
5.Sun Yat-Sen was the President of the Chinese Republic.
6. He got the independence for China.
7. Sun married Soon ching- ling On October 25, 1915.
8. He published two books. One is The Vital Problem of China, it was International. The other one was named Development of China.
9. He established a military government in Guangzhou to combat military forces.
10. Sun died of Liver cancer on 12 Marcg 1925. CHINA'S HISTORY SUN YAT-SEN 5 FAST FACTS ABOUT SUN YAT-Sen 1. Sun Yat-sen was born on November 12, 1866.
2. He was the first President of the Chinese Republic.
3. He got the independence for China by never giving up.
4. Sun was known as the Father of Modern China. He was the first President China had.
5. Yat-Sen died of liver cancer on March 12, 1925 at the age of 59. HOW SUN YAT-SEN CHANGED CHINA DURING AND AFTER HIS Presidency. ^ During 1910 THE Chinese people saw the country divided by military leaders without locating a central government. Enraged with this division, Sun returned to China in 1917. He established a military government to fight for its unification.
^ Sun was a major politician and a Chinese revolutionary who co founded the KUOMINTANG. (political party founded by Sun Yat-Sen.)
^ He played a key role in abolishing the QING DYNASTY in China. ( Qing Dynasty is kind of like a monarchy. (king)
^ He attempted to change the CHINESE REPUBLIC to a DEMOCRACY.
^ Sun aimed to guarantee people's political rights, including the right to vote, establish parliamentary and ensure the separtion of administrative legislative and judicial. LOCATION MAP IN THE 1900'S TODAY'S MAP FLAG OF CHINA The larger yellow star on the flag represents the Communis Party of China China's Borders CHINA'S HUMAN RIGHTS CHINA'S HUMAN RIGHTS CONTINUED... The four little stars means worker, farmer, petty bougeisie, and the national bougeisie. 1900's TODAY ^ China's ONE CHILD POLICY... They did this to reduce the population. A couple was aloud to have only one child. If if was a girl then they were aloud to have a second child. After their second child then they couldn't have anymore. In some parts of China you could have only one child regardless if it was a boy or a girl. This policy only covers 35% of China. China's government gained interest in the one child policy in the 1920's and the 30's in population control. The one child policy itself wasn't placed in effect until 1979. China's SYMBOLS & MONUMENTS... Loong(Dragon) The Dragon was a symbol of power, strenghts, and goodluck. National Flower (Plum Blossom) The flower is a symbol for resilence and perservance in the adversity. It even blooms in harsh winter snow. China's Symbols & Monuments... China's Symbols & Monuments... The Great Wall of China The Great Wall of China is a series of fortifications made of stone, brick, tamped earth, wood, and other materials, generally built to protect the Chinese Empire against intrusions by various nomadic groups. (Fortificatons- military constructions or buildings. People were expected to know their place-Kings ruled subjects, husbands over wives, and fathers over children. The Flag of China in 1912 The five stripes represent the five great races. According to Sun Yat-Sen they were; RED: Han Chinese which are native people; YELLOW: Manchus which are descended from the Jurchen People; BLUE: Mongols which are central north Asian people; WHITE: Huis which are Muslims and Uyghurs which are Turkick ethnis group; and BLACK: Tibetans which are native. China Flag in 1928 Known as: Blue Sky,White Sun, and Wholly Red Earth. This is one of China's National Flag. China's National Flag. The Flag currently: All Nationalities are equal. They have the right to use and develope their own spoken and written language

Rural people's commune's, agricultral producers', co-operatives, and other forms of co-operatives economy belongs to the sector of socialist the economy under collective ownership by the state.

The state protects the rights of citizens to own lawfully earned income, savings, houses and other lawfully property.

They are all about education.

The state developes medical and health services. They promote Modern and Traditional Chinese medicine.

China promotes famliy planning so that the population growth won't be so high. (one child policy.) SUN YAT-SEN Yat-Sen was born into a very poor family. At the age of 13 Sun moved to Honolulu to live with his brother. At the age of 17 his brother sent him back to China because he feared that his brother would convert to christianity if he stayed longer in Hawaii. Sun received a medical degree from Hong Kong college of medicine. By 1891 Sun had given up on his medical practice to overthrow the Qing Dynasty. Yat-Sen called the end to the Modern Republic. His plans got leaked so when the other people who worked with him got arrested he fled to Japan. He still tried to overthrow the Qing Dynasty. He gathered help from overseas. He invaded the southern of China which was called Zhennanguan Uprising. It ended in seven days of bitter fighting. Sun was in the United States on October 10, 1911 when he had heard that the QING DYNASTY had fallen. He fled back to China. The last Chinese Dynasty, Qing, ruled from 1644-1911, when it was overthrown by Sun Yat-Sen touching the CHINESE CIVIL WAR. Sun later died of liver cancer. His legacy lived on after his death. SUN YAT-SEN! CHINA'S HUMAN RIGHTS CONTINUED... Like the United States when they turn the age of 18 the have the right to vote.

They have the freedom of religion just like us.

China have the right to work anywhere in China.

Just like us they have the right to take breaks from work during the day. They also can have vaction days.

Women in China enjoy egual rights as men SUN YAT-SEN STATUES THE END!!! BY: JAZMINE L. JOHNSON This picture was taken before he died. The first official constitution was written on September 20, 1954 Sun Yat-Sen is still remembered in China for his magnificant work. His legacy still lives on in China today. To show their apprecitation they built statues to remember him. COMMUNIST? In 1921 the society members founded the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Sun Yatsen wanted to free China from foreign control. He asked USSR for help. The government controlled everything that the people had. Even though that China said that they were a Republic they still acted like a communist party. GOVERNMENT
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