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No description

victoria rektor

on 31 December 2014

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Transcript of Photography

victoria rektor
I have been collecting vintage cameras since i was 14 years old. the oldest camera i have is a kodak brownie from 1921.

How My collection Has Helped
I plan to go get a bachelors in Photography so I have leaned more on how they all work and the history of photography who was important in making famous photographs.
Unique To My Collection
The two unique cameras i own are the kodak brownie turrert f1.9 8mm movie camera what makes it unique is the fact it was made here in Canada. The other camera is Tower 41 witch was only sold in 1961 at Sears in the US and Canada.
Things I Have Done
I have rebuilt a Canon WP-1 and currently working on building a working 35mm camera that is over 136 pieces.
Why I Like it
When I collect the cameras I learn more on the history of them and I loo it to when then were used and what made them unique also getting them from all over they all have a memory to go with them.
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