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Love Library Year End Report

Details about Love Library's year including highlights, collaboration, technology integration, usage, and outreach.

Casey Bennett

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Love Library Year End Report

A journey of review
Love Library's Year End Report
Where the Journey beings..
Love Library's Mission Statement
Looking Toward the Future...
The mission of this library is to help each student excel and achieve maximum potential by creating a 21st Century learning environment, fostering a love of reading, and promoting the effective use of information and communications technology. Through collaboration, the library media faculty partners with the larger community to empower students in becoming life-long learners, responsible citizens, and industrious problem solvers.
For the first time, the entire district (staff and students) were on same platform through the complete integration of Google Apps. The library media center has always been the hub of technology integration and continued to do so this year. This includes:
Training and implementation of NWEA Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) adaptive standardized testing
Training on Google Apps platform/cloud as well as Dropbox
Training teachers on the use of Gizmos, interactive online simulations in math and science that teachers implemented in classrooms
Brainpop (animated educational site)
Discovery Education & United Streaming
Smart Notebook 11 Software
PowerSchool/PowerTeacher platform
Jing (screenshot software that allows you to create videos and images of what you see on your computer screen)
EasyBib (online bibliography maker & education of students about the ethical use of information and copyright)
Destiny (library's online OPAC including the mobile app)
Continued use of Library Media Center website
Montly staff Tech Tip meeting
Technology Integration
The library media center works on a flex schedule to service 4 grades levels, over 1200 students, on two different time schedules.
The hours are Monday through Wednesday 7:30-3:30 and Thursday through Friday 7:30-3:00.
The library partners with the technology department to integrate the use of the computer labs and technology
Teachers can reserve library space by completing the reservation form (available in both print and electronic)
Students can sign out passes to use the library in the morning, at lunch, and after school
NEW! Destiny Mobile app for great accessibility to the collection
Collection and Usage
The Busy Bees of the Library
Challenges & Issues
The following impede the day-to-day operations of the library
Staff tries hard to cover all the needs and responsibilities but would benefit from another position in the library that could help handle these responsibilities
There isn't always enough space to accommodate four grades
The # of computers isn't adequate to service the students
Time limitations due to the school running on two different schedules
Highlights of the School Year
Love Library engaged in a plethora of activities to support the curriculum needs of the school and community. These activities were guided by the Mission Statement and lead to positive interactions between the library, staff, school & community.
Highlights of the year include:
Collaboration on every grade level to deliver Research Based Learning (RBL)- over 10 different RBLs completed this year. Another 30+ smaller projects such as webquests, infographics, Glogster, Excel and PowerPoints.
Library Scavenger Hunts to introduce new students to the library
Connecticut's Nutmeg Extravaganza
Supported grade level Recommended Reading Lists
Partnered with the town for "One Town Reads"
Held Mock Presidential Elections for students
Provided technology training in the area of Google Apps platform
End of the year Battle of the Books competition in each grade level
Collaborations & Programs
A few standout collaborations:
6th Grade Social Studies Ancient Egypt- Research Based Learning (RBL) Project
Essential Question: How did the environment affect the development of ancient Egyptian civilization?
Authentic Task: Write a formal essay explaining how Egypt’s geography, climate, and natural resources influenced an aspect of ancient Egyptian culture.

7th Grade Science Severe Weather RBL Project
Essential Question: Using the ingredients of conduction, convection, pressure, humidity and wind, what is the recipe for creating a storm?
Authentic Task: Create an informative brochure that educates a member of our community to improve their awareness of the potential storms that could strike our Town.
Collaborative Units
The Library Media Specialists collaborated with teachers in grades 5-8 on numerous assignments. These collaborations allowed students to:
Improve their 21st Century learning skills
Improve their literacy skills
Search for and utilize appropriate and accurate sources
Develop and integrate technology skills into their learning
The Library Media Center implemented various programs throughout the year to increase library usage. These programs included:
Destiny Challenge- Tracking of the total # of books read in each grade
Library Twitter- Daily student updates about what they are doing in the library
Secret Snowman- Students select books to "gift" to their friends around the holidays
Grade Level Displays- Each marking period the top students with the most books read (in each grade) get to design a display for the library
Check out the Ancient Egypt
Project Google site-
Collaboration between Library Media Specialists and over 50 teachers in grades 5-8 to unpack the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).
Two aides split one full time position. They help to fulfill the reference and circulation duties, create the hallway bulletin board, troubleshoot technology problems, as well as handle the smaller details of the library. This frees up the LMSs to collaborate with teachers and students.
Numerous parent volunteers filter through the library on a weekly basis. At the beginning of the school year they attend a 1.5 hour presentation for hands on training. Primarily they help to shelve books, work on special projects (i.e. creating e-carts of future books), help checkout books, and neaten/tidy shelves.
Community Outreach
The Library Media Center worked with the town's public library to provide suggestions for "One Town Reads"- a program in which the town reads one book with a culminating activity and author talk. In addition the school and public library work together to provide students access to books on the Recommended reading lists as well as sources for school projects. The teen librarian has partnered with various teachers to establish nonfiction reading programs.
Approximately 96 parents visited the library during Back to School night to learn more about the library, services offered, and the materials available to their children. There were handouts on a variety of information including the Destiny catalog and it's various features.
"At the moment that we persuade a child, any child, to cross that threshold, that magic threshold into a library, we change their lives forever, for the better."

-- President (then Senator) Barack Obama
"School libraries help teachers teach and children learned. Children and teachers need library resources--especially books--and the expertise of a librarian to succeed. Books, information technology and school librarians who are part of the schools' professional team are basic ingredients for student achievement."
-- First Lady Laura Bush.
"You can't have good education without good libraries, and you can't have good libraries without good staff." -- ALA
Collection Statistics
Grand Total of almost
circulated in one year!
Newest additions to the collections include:
Kindles & e-books
Lexile leveled books
Chinese materials to support new Mandarin curriculum
Thank you to the PTC for our new Mobile Smart Board unit!!!!
Usage Statistics
On average:
On average 4 days a week all 12 lunch passes were signed out
3 different classes visited the library in one day
Predominately used by Social Studies, Language Arts and Science classes
Predominately used by 6th and 7th grade teachers & classes
5th grade students checked out the most # of books in a year
Over 60 requests for new materials were made by students through Destiny
Teachers continued to use projectors, TVs, laptops/netbooks, DVD players, headphones, flip cameras, and scanners from the library
Respectfully Submitted,
Casey B.

And as always... HAPPY READING!
Continued collaboration with staff to unpack and implement K-12 Common Core State Standards

for the 2013-2014 School Year:
Continue to provide opportunities for the students to visit and use the library
Encourage students to seek information through a variety of resources to deepen their understanding of the world around them
Foster a love of pleasure reading in children
Increase amount of technology available
Continue to collaborate with staff to provide engaging and meaningful educational opportunities for students
Reach out to staff who do not frequent the library to try and develop ways to partner & increase their usage of the library
"What a school thinks about its library is a measure of what it thinks about education." --Harold Howe, former
U.S. Commissioner of Education
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