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On vs. Off

Sharing with students the benefits of on campus vs off campus living

Miranda Herling

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of On vs. Off

Living on or Living off VS Why? Feel like an adult have a kitchen own a pet do what I want! it's just time all my friends are doing it no rules or policies location damen and polk
harrison and halsted
halsted and roosevelt
halsted and maxwell based on availibility and budget price
price is set each year
for school year contract differs based on location
budget, length of lease
and amount needed for security
deposit and/or credit check additional costs cable
food (only for apartment
style) (if not included)
cleaning supplies
kitchen supplies Questions to Ask when Apartment Hunting For the landlord
How much is the security deposit?
Who handles after-hours facilities issues?
What happens if one of the roommates moves out?
Are utilities included? If not, is the apartment cable
and internet ready?
Do you require a credit and background check?
Where will my security deposit be kept (check laws)
How do you determine damages?
Can we alter the existing space (paint, ext.)
What will be the exact move out date?
When was the building built/when were the last renovations? For the current tenants
What's the landlord like?
How is the neighborhood?
What are your biggest complaints?
Do you have copies of your utility bills (more than one season, compare summer electric and winter gas)
What's the building like (parties? families?) Questions to ask yourself
How do my habits fit with those I'm going to live with?
Do I have rental insurance? is that a cost I'm willing to incur?
Have I ever cooked for myself full time?
Am I willing to put my name on the bills??
Am I going to want to make the commute in winter/bad weather?
Can I study in the space that I live in? Miranda Ambuske
March, 2011 Other questions
How much crime is in the neighborhood?
How close is it to public transit?
Campus Housing 3 types of housing Traditional Cluster/Suite Apartment 24 hour security
24 hour maintenance
Free laundry!
Traditional and Cluster
have bathrooms cleaned
Furniture is provided
Toilet paper is provided (T &C)
People who care about YOU,
not just your $$$.
Transportation to campus by
CTA, walking, shuttle.
Dedicated police force to respond
specifically to on campus students
Ammenities availible at front desks
Lock out assistance Differences between "apartment" and "apartment style" Secured front desk
access to free laundry (very rare in apt)
access to free printing (also very rare)
Faculty live in the same building
Access to tutoring
Study rooms and lounges
Bike room
Access to a meal plan if desired
Dedicated maintenance staff
Policy violations are handled by on-site
staff (RAs and RDs, UPD if needed)
Occupancy is handled by Housing
Grants availible to pay for on-campus
Semesterly payments, not monthly
9 month contract, with options to extend Similarites between "apartment" and "apartment style" Apartment Style is your own apartment
Limits on decorating
You are responsible for the cleaning
Cooking your own food
Perks to Consider Discussion and Question time! On Campus Financial Aid
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