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Animal cell vs. Hospital

No description

Brianna Dorgan

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Animal cell vs. Hospital

Nucleus The nucleus contains the DNA of the cell. The reception desk in a hospital is like a nucleus because it stores all information and personal documents. Lysosomes Animal Cell
Hospital Lysosomes break down, throw away, and recycles the unwanted materials in the cell. A janitor in a hospital is like a lysosomes because they keep the hospital clean. Cytoskeleton The cytoskeleton helps to maintain the cells shape and structure. The walls in a hospital are like the cytoskeleton because the walls support the structure of the building. Ribosomes Ribosomes make proteins. Nurses make the first visit to a patient and make observations of the people's illness/injury. Centrioles The centrioles organize cell division. The individual patient rooms are like the centrioles because they seperate all patients (cells). Vacuoles Vacuoles store many of the materials. The waiting rooms in a hospital are like vacuoles because it is where people are held. Cell Membrane The cell membrance regulates all material that go in and out of a cell. the doors in a hospital are like the cell membrane because you have to have a passcode to get in and out of a hospital. Golgi Apparatus The golgi apparatus sorts, modifies, and packages proteins. A surgeon in a hospital is like the golgi apparatus because they carry out the final test for a patient and finsih their treatment. Endoplasmic Reticulum The endoplasmic reticulum assembles proteins and liquids. A doctor at a hospital is like the er because the doctor is looks at the patients and figures out what is really wrong. Mitachondria the mitochondria is like the main power source of a cell. the electricity in a hospital is like the mitochondria because it powers all of the important tools needed for the hospital to run. Nucleolus The nucleolus creates ribosomes . A medical school would be like the nucleolus because it teaches (makes) nurses.
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