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MIDTESOL Twitter for ESL Teachers

Presentation at MIDTESOL 2014

Shaeley Santiago

on 1 October 2016

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Transcript of MIDTESOL Twitter for ESL Teachers

Twitter for ESL Teachers
3. Who to Follow?
Where to find like-minded teachers to follow:
4. What/How Do I Tweet?
What to Tweet...
Retweet interesting Tweets you read
Share links to blog posts or other quality online content you find
Ask a question about resource or ideas you're looking for
Tweet key points from conference presentations (back channel function) #MIDTESOL
RT = Retweeted blog post
Added comment
Someone else Retweeted my Tweet
Shared a link & asked a question
Response with link & hashtag recommendation
Tweeted back a thanks
Shared about special event
Mentioned by event oragnizer
My Tweet was Retweeted & Favorited
2. Set up Twitter account
Choose username (@) carefully
Be sure to include profile pic (the egghead is bad!)
Write a description that lets people know what you teach & what interests you have
Many options to customize your page including Twitter header and page background
My Twitter Profile Page
6. Twitter Chats
Live, hour-long discussion on Twitter
Identified by #hashtag (often ending in chat) #edchat, #ELLChat, #ELTChat, #tlap
Official Weekly Twitter Chat Times link bit.ly/officialchatlist
Best accessed using TweetDeck, TweetChat, etc.
Great way to personalize your learning & find other people to follow to expand your Personal/Professional Learning Network (PLN)
Can "lurk" or just ReTweet until you feel more comfortable participating
Many chats post archive (or you can always search the hashtag later)
7. Advanced Tips
Twitter Settings - Email Notifications helpful for alerting RTs, mentions, etc.
Mobile allows for text notifications, too
Link accounts such as blog platform, Goodreads, Pinterest (if used for educ purposes) for automated Tweets
Direct messaging lets you send private info over Twitter (D @hseslteacher)
Use program like TweetDeck (Chrome App) to sort searches simultaneously
Your ideas?
5. Let's Practice!
Write a one-sentence summary of key learning point so far from a session at this conference
Can include related link and/or mention someone on Twitter who might be interested in idea
Add the conference hashtag (#MIDTESOL)
Count characters (including spaces) to make sure you haven't exceeded 140
1. Why Twitter?
Twitter isn't just for celebrities!
Use the networking power of Twitter to leverage social media for educational purposes
Customizable for Professional Learning Network (PLN)
Twitter helps you connect with other teachers to ask questions & share info
Twitter Chats are focused, online discussions open to anyone on Twitter
Shaeley Santiago
October 24, 2014

Check out who other people or organizations (@MIDTESOL) are following
When someone follows you, consider following them back
Look for #FF (Follow Friday) or #TT (Teacher Tuesday) recommendations
Google Spreadsheet list https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmdX57Dqx0tEcE1fWkU1QlMwU2dxRGFibmhsOFoyYUE#gid=0
Cybrary Man's PLN Stars page http://cybraryman.com/plnstars.html
List of ESL teachers https://twitter.com/HSeslteacher/lists/esl-teachers
How to Tweet...
Tweets limited to 140 characters but can include (shortened) links
You can Tweet at or about someone by including their @username
Use a #hashtag to "label" or "code" the topic of the Tweet (e.g. #edtech, #ELL) http://www.edudemic.com/twitter-hashtag-dictionary/
Remember anyone on Twitter can see your Tweets (except Direct Messages & protected accounts)
Why do you think educators should use Twitter?
Vote for your favorite reasons at:
Session Outcomes
Explain the basics of using Twitter.
Demonstrate how ESL teachers can use Twitter for professional development.
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