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Li-Young Lee

No description

Hannah Hartzler

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Li-Young Lee

Li-Young Lee
By: Hannah Hartzler
Early Life
and Family

Li-Young was born in Indonesia in 1957.
His family is very important in Chinese History
*Great Grandfather- 1st President of the Republic of China
*Father- Personal physician to Mao Tse-tsung
- Helped found Gamaliel University
His family was exiled from China and after traveling through Hong Kong, Macau, and Japan, his family fled to Pennsylvania in 1964
His Writings
Most of Li-Young's writing are about personal experiences and memories.
His inspirations to write poems are classical Chinese poets such as Li Bo and Tu Fu.
Li-Young has written 6 books of all his poem collections.
His style is lyrical and compelling.
(A drawing of Tu Fu)
"While all bodies share the same fate, all voices do not."
-Li-Young Lee
The Winged Seed-(1995)
From Blossoms-(2007)
Behind my eyes-(2008)
Book of my nights-(2001)
The City in which i love you-(1990)
A memoir about during the time he and his family had to migrate from Indonesia to America. He talks about his childhood with dreams, myths, and his father's sermons.
His Books
Li-Young's first collection of poems where he expressed his emotions for his father and wife. This volume won the Delmore Schwartz Memorial Poetry Award from NYU.
His 2nd collection won the Lamont Poetry Selection (Laughlin Award). This volume explains his childhood and his memories.
What's He up to Now?
HE lives in Chicago, Illinois
Married to Donna and has two sons
-he is teaching his children to speak mandarin
Once, he and his brother made jewelry from soda cans and started a short term business.
loves cooking
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This collection is more about history and culture, but Li-Young ties his memories into the poems. One of his best topics include the vulnerability of humans.
From Blossoms is about the "greater being." Li-Young is exploring the religious world and noticing the miracles that are happening around the world.
His most recent collection of poems is about spirituality. He writes about the mind as well as the body. His poems often make the readers think about what he's trying to say.
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