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Felix Mathew

on 7 February 2011

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Transcript of homelessness

homelessness assignment By:Felix, Matthew.A, Nick.S l.People are homeless because
they have family problems (fighting or divorce) , no money to have a shelter, house fire, spend money foolishly (on drugs and gambling), no money for bills, they sell their house and can't find a new one, natural disasters, or they get fired from job etc. 2.In a truly fair world there would be homeless because to be fair you need to pay mortgage because you cant have a house for free and mortgage is one reason why people become homeless, or
people would not fire each other from jobs and people would work the same amount and people would have the same amount
of money, depends on your point of view. 3. For this question lets compare Canada and India,
India is more poor because there is high population, low income level and less resources. 4. Yes it is connected some races connsidered poor compared to other
races because of their social back ground, It is very hard to get better jobs for some races and therefore they can never come out of poverty. Poverty is the reason for homelessness. 5. To make changes we can give things to people on the street like food or water. We can also give
gift cards to resturants like subway to get healthier and tasty food. You can also examine
websites that can donate money to homeless to find out which sites you trust and then donate your money. sell things like chocolate and raise money for homeless, or, you could even try to create your own organization ! Homeless people need clothes to so giving clothes will help and sending builders to developing countries to make homes will decrease the amount of homelessness in africa or some where else By: Felix, Matthew.A, Nick.S By: Felix,Matthew.A,Nick.S By:Felix, Matthew.A, Nick.S
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