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European Colonization of Australia

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Sean Simpson

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of European Colonization of Australia

Impact of Colonization on
Language and Religion
The American Revolution resulted in independence for the American colonies from Great Britain.

The Georgia colony in America had served as a prison colony and
after the American Revolution, Great Britain looked to Australia to serve as its next prison!
Many people have different opinions on the European assimilation of Aborigines into European society.

Some believe that the program was good for Aborigines. For example, Isabella Lynott, an Aborigine taken from her tribal family wrote that, "The nuns were very good to us. They gave us clean clothes, taught us to read and write and to play musical instruments.“*

Others believe that the program horribly affected not only those stolen from their families but entire tribes as well. For example, Robert Riley, an Aborigine, committed suicide after a long struggle to come to grips with the forced removal from his family.*

What do you believe?

Click the link below to hear 1 testimony from the Stolen Generation. After you hear 1 testimony, write 2-3 paragraphs answering the questions below. You may use information taken from the testimony and the internet to support your beliefs.

1) In what way was the government program of forced assimilation good? Why?
2) In what way was the government program of forced assimilation bad? Why?
3) What is YOUR opinion? (What side do you take?) Why?

Work Session
Colonists Arrive in Australia

On January 26, 1788, The First Fleet under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip brought a load of prisoners from England to colonize Australia.

prisoners were the first Europeans to settle in Australia

Great Britain continued to transport prisoners to Australia until 1868. By then, many immigrants had settled the region.
SS6H9 The student will explain the impact European exploration and colonization had on Australia.
a. Explain the reasons for British colonization of Australia; include the use of prisoners as colonists.
b. Explain the impact of European colonization of Australia in terms of diseases and weapons on the indigenous peoples of Australia.

European Exploration and Colonization of Australia
British Benefits of Colonization
The location of Australia provided many opportunities for
trade between Asia, Australia, and the Americas
Australia was also a
great location to base the British Navy in the South Pacific
In 1770 ,
British Captain James Cook
, on a scientific mission,
explored and charted the eastern coast of Australia.

He is the first European to interact with Aborigines.

Cook later claimed the eastern coast for England.
guns gave the colonists an advantage
in fights. Many
Aborigines were killed or forced
to leave their land due to guns

A gold rush in the 1850s
attracted 1000s of new settlers.

This resulted in more conflicts
with Aborigines and 100s of
more Aboriginal deaths.
Europeans brought smallpox to Australia.
sickened and
killed large numbers of Aborigines.
settlers took over
good sources of water, fisheries, and
productive land
. Settlers turned land used by the Aborigines into towns, farms, and mines.
Impact of Colonization on Aborigines
However, many see the policy as being harmful - that children were stolen from their true families and hurt Aboriginal identity.
These children are known as the “Stolen Generation”.
During this time, the government policy was seen by some as good- rescuing aboriginal children, and giving them a better start in life.
The project was an attempt to bring aborigines into mainstream society. 
Between 1880 – 1960, some
100,000 Aboriginal children were taken from their families and raised in the homes of adopted white families in order to make Aborigines more “white”
European Assimilation of Aborigines
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