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Tech Tools

Fun, free web 2.0 tools you can easily integrate into your classroom.

Anna Sexton

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Tech Tools

Tech Tools Fun, free Web 2.0 tools ScreenToaster This free web 2.0 tool allows you to quickly record your computer screen and create a video that can be downloaded or upload to the screentoaster site for student access. Integration idea: Record the PowerPoint presentation you are using in class. Set up a microphone to record as you lecture or give instructions. After recording, add subtitles or more instructions. Save the video to screentoast and post the link to your video on your outreach webpage. Students can access the video for review or if they were absent. Flashcard Machine This is a free web application that enables users to create interactive web-based study flash cards and share them with others. You can also search their database for existing flashcards. Integration idea: 1) Teacher can create flashcards for a review for a test or quiz and use that in class instead of a handout or oral question and answer. You could also post the link of your flashcards on your outreach webpage. 2) Take a day in the lab and have students create flashcards for different chapters or sections and then use the student created flash cards in class as a review. These could also be posted on your Outreach webpage.

Create your own classroom jeopardy game using this free, web-based tool! No downloading required!
Classroom Jeopardy Integration Idea: Enter up to 5 categories with 5 questions per category. A link will be provided for you to come back and edit your game at anytime. Add the link for your game to your Outreach webpage for easy access. *Note: Always play the game online here at school. The active directory environment will not allow you to run the downloadable game on your computer.* Get a google account, add the calendar to outreach and then update it in Google and the changes are automatically added to your outreach page. This is a great way to post upcoming events, projects and/or tests! Google Calendar Create a FREE quiz- for your classroom, company, blog or friends!
Create FREE online polls- Perfect web poll maker for your blog, classroom, company or friends!
Create FREE online flashcards- Perfect for printable flashcards, download-able flash cards or online study using our free flashcards software. ProProfs Integration Idea: Perfect for making your own quiz, online tests, training, exams, trivia or just plain fun quizzes! Create your own free online quiz with images & colors. Post quizzes on your website/blog or share through email, print & links. View quiz results & discussions. Get powerful reports & analysis!
Integration Idea: Create polls for your students, website or parents. Share your polls on your website, blog or social network. Analyze your poll results and view your poll results in easy to understand graphs.
Integration Idea: Make your own free online flashcards with images & color. Choose from millions of free flashcards on any subject to study. Create printable flashcards. Download, embed or study online. a free and easy to use online tool to create photo collages. Select one of the many collage templates, add your photos and then customize by dragging items around. After the collage is finished, it’s available for download and print! Photovisi Integration Idea: Give this option to students as another way to present findings on a topic. Example:

Create an “All About Me” collage of photos telling their life story.
Create a “My future, My dreams” poster of photos that represent what they want to be or do in the future.
Create a “The Life of…” poster with photos representing the life of a famous author, war hero or president.
Create an “All in the Family” collage of images representing a family of animal species.
Big Huge Labs Quickly turn your photos into trading cards using this free web-based application! No account set up necessary! Integration Ideas:

Each student can create a trading card of:

(Social Studies) an important person in history
(Science) the elements on the periodic table
(English) a grammar / writing rule
(Math) an explanation of how to solve an equation
(Int. Lang.) English words translated with the word used in a sentence.
(FCS) safety and sanitation rules
The cards can be saved and downloaded for students to print and use as a study guide.

Integration idea for any subject: Students can create a trading card about themselves: interests, hobbies, friends, favorite foods, games, etc. The cards can be displayed on a bulletin board so students can get to know each other.
Do you have a research project planned? Would you like your students to visit multiple websites for a project? Then Fuly is for you! Copy and paste all the web addresses into Furly and click GO! A short url address will be generated. Students can use this address to access all of the websites using the navigation button on the top of the screen. Fur.ly Integration Idea:

Send the students on a virtual scavenger hunt or tour! Copy the web addresses into the furly site so that they students can visit each site in the order you want them to go.
Collect a list of reliable sites to help students gather important information for a research project. Turn your browser into a teleprompter, just like the ones used in television studios everywhere! Type in your narration the next time you are recording a script or when you are recording instructions for your next project. Whatever the case, this is a pretty cool little utility- not to mention what it does for student reading fluency! CuePrompter Integration Idea: Students can put their script in CuePrompter and give their presentation to the class while reading off of the computer. This would allow students to be better prepared and will eliminate them looking down and reading off of their notes. Bring out your inner Spielberg! Create your own videos with animated backgrounds, music and text. Share your video on the web (free) or download the video to share ($2.99). One True Media Integration idea: students can upload photos and create an all about me video or a montage of a famous person in history! Then schedule a movie premiere day in class to view each video! Ta-Da lists Ta-da List is the web’s easiest to-do list tool. Make lists for yourself or share them with others. Create an account, start a new list, add your items and then share it! It is that easy! The lists can be a collaboration too! Share the link to your list via the email feature and users can access an edit-able version of the list! Integration Idea: Assign a group project, the students can create a to do list for that project and share it with their team. Each member can go to the list, add items and/or check items off the list as they are completed.

Create a checklist of assignments to complete for each six weeks. Add the link to your list on your outreach page. Check off the assignments when the due date passes or edit the list to include tutorial times to make up past due assignments!

Create a TAKS review checklist for your students. List the topics that the students should review.

Start a department PLC checklist! Add items that need to be completed and members can check off the items when they are completed!
Production Tools Calendar, Prompter, Screen Recorder & To-Do Lists Review Tools Jeopardy, flashcards, quizzes, polls, & web quests Creative Tools Video, Photos, & More!
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