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The truth about FAD DIETS

No description

Kristina Vella

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of The truth about FAD DIETS

The truth about FAD DIETS FAD DIETS Weight reducing diet
Excludes one/more essential food groups
Consumption of one type of food over all others
Promises fast results
Generally low carbohydrate intake (lose water weight quickly)
Catchy slogan, endorsements, before & after shots ACTIVITY - Design your own
fad diet 5 Minutes
Don't forget....
a catchy slogan
how will it work?
what are expected results?
what do people need to do? Juice Fast “The 3 Day Juice Fast Plan is great for
beginners and keeps in mind your goals to get cleansed, detoxed & lose weight”

Only fruit & vegetable juice (no solids)
A glass of juice at each main meal
Commonly 3 day diet; up to 10 days
Supposed benefit for intestines, liver, kidneys
Endorsed by Nicole Ritchie, Gwyneth Paltrow
Short term fad diet...risks? The High Protein Diet Clean Eating
Phenomenon Ashy Bines Case Study The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating New release in 2013
Food groups that we should eat from each day & how much of each
Grain (cereal) foods
Vegetables & legumes/beans
Dairy foods
Lean meats and poultry, fish, eggs,
nuts, tofu, seeds,
legumes/beans, Activity - Do FAD DIETS measure up? FAD DIET vs. AGHE:
Use the tables provided to compare your fad diet to the AGHE guidelines for your age group
Does the fad diet contain each of the 5 food groups?
Does it contain the right amount of serves of the food groups that it DOES have? Implications Fad diets often exclude one or more of the major food groups
Short-term vs. long-term
Affects metabolism
Doesn't teach lifestyle change
Low compliance
No scientific evidence Focus: non-processed foods, lean protein, fruit & vegetables
"Stop dreaming, start achieving"
Self-promoting bikini model Ashy Bines has made millions promoting her clean eating guidelines for 'getting the bikini body you
have always wanted' Every meal based around a protein food/ protein supplement
Focus: high protein foods & low carbohydrate
Aim: forcing body to burn up body stores of carbohydrate & fat
Protein takes longer to break down - last fuel source
Weight bearing exercise muscle building
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