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Rosa Acevedo

on 19 November 2017

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Transcript of ABRAHAM LINCON


He was born the 13th-Feb-1809 in Kentucky. He died murdered the 14th-April-1865 in Washington, D.C.
He was the 16th president of the USA, one of the America´s greatest heroes due to his role as a savior of the Union and Emancipator of the slaves. He led the United States through its Civil War.
He was born the 23rd-April-1813 in Brandon, Vermont. He died the 3rd-June-1861 in Chicago, Illinois.
He went on to be elected to the U.S. senate in 1846. He was the Democratic nominee for president Against A.Lincoln and fought for the sanctity of the Union.

-Unknown at beginninf of debates
-Said that the US couldn´t survive as half-slave and half-free states
-Dred Scott decision said that slavery couldn´t be banned from a territory
-Estabilished clear principies of the Republican party
-The incumbent
-Believed in Popular Soveregnty can limit slavery
-Believed in the Dred Scott decision doesn´t matter and that territory will determine on its own by what type of policing it will have slavery or be free (Freeport Doctrine)
Finally, Lincoln was elected president.
"Lincoln made a strong, important leader of the Republican Party"
Lincoln talked about the Dred Scott decision. He clarify that all African-Americans "were entitled to all the natural rights" on Independence. He mentioned "the right to life,liberty and happiness". But he believed that African Americans weren´t equal as whites. Douglas thought that "Lincoln thinks that the black is his brother...
Lincoln pressed him on the contradiction between Dred Scott decision and popular sovereignty. He asked Douglas if Congress could allow the citizens the prohibited territory.
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