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iPad Proposal Presentation

The Benefits of a 1:1 Classroom

Ms. Sabbagh

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of iPad Proposal Presentation

Phase 1
Phase 2
The Common Core Standards call for technology to be integrated seamlessly into instruction, thereby empowering students to:
publish online
critically evaluate Internet resources
use and understand multimedia's impact on instruction

The marriage between technological integration and instruction will transform learning!
Objective: Pleasant Ridge Middle School is developing a plan to improve classroom instruction and increase student learning and engagement through technological innovation.
Now is the time!

Ed Murphy, Vice President of marketing and business development of Learn 360, states that "In today’s increasingly digital age, technology integration in the classroom is perhaps the best way to engage students and utilize a wealth of tools and resources, while making learning fun."
Pleasant Ridge Middle School
The 1:1 Classroom

We are asking for a class set of iPads. By giving every 8th grade student an iPad, we are setting ourselves up for success in several ways.

- Mr. Wohlgemuth and I will focus the integration of iPads in our 8th grade instruction.
- Also, other teachers can begin adapting their instruction at their own comfort level.
- By concentrating on one grade, we have a better idea of the use and application of iPads throughout the school, without limiting our efforts to only two subjects.
Uses in Science
- Labs
- video lessons
Uses in English
- Prezi presentations
- Dictionary app
- Keynote, Google Docs
- School Center
Over the past four years, I have used the resources available (School Center, PowerPoint, computer labs, etc.) to the best of my abilities. I am EAGER and EXCITED for this opportunity to bring my instruction into the 21st century. I am confident that this 1:1 classroom initiative is in the best interest of our students.
iPad Proposal Presentation
Application: Technological integration is imperative to the Common Core Standards!

It facilitates inquiry-based instruction, which in turn helps students be in charge of their own learning!

This includes the ability:
> to research problems
> to create and expand their own knowledge base
> to conduct their own investigations
> and MOST IMPORTANTLY develop the critical thinking skills necessary to develop solutions to problems.
The Benefits of a 1:1 Classroom
Goal: To develop and implement a system of mobile learning, thus offering students alternative methods for learning and achievement of instructional goals.
SUPPORT: The personal interaction between students and devices is a key reason for this initiative. Students LOVE using technology. Using the iPad will bring ownership to their work and facilitate connections to instruction at a whole new level. It is our responsibility to provide students these opportunities so that we can adequately prepare them for their futures.
2. Support the needs of individual students
4. Assessment
Student Understanding (APP: Socrative - exit slip, quick quiz, etc.)
Student Work (APP: Edmodo - collecting student work and an agenda)
Student Behavior (APP: ClassDojo - monitors students' positive and negative behavior)
Creating Classroom Assessment Materials (APP: Google Forms - track data and monitor homework)
3. Provides opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning through content production
1. Differentiated Instruction
"The FUTURE is not a place where you are going to go... It's a place that YOU get to create." ~ Nancy Durate
Phase 3: Professional Development
Essential requirements for this initiative include:
a commitment to ongoing professional development
time for collaboration
planning and research on best practices for using iPads in the classroom
In a 2012 study by Carl Fahle, Sr, the Director of Technology for the San Juan Unified School District, their data demonstrated the following trends as a result of their 1:1 Classroom iPad initiative:

increased students' level of engagement
increased time on task
decreased negative behavior issues
increased collaboration between teachers and students
an improvement in academic scores and grades (especially for at-risk students)
IEP students made progress towards their goals
assistance with formative assessments
immediate feedback for students (allowing them to "self-assess" the skills and concepts)
the ability to demonstrate their learning at higher levels
School Website
Discussion Board
Assignment Drop Box
Food for Thought
Exams and Quizzes
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