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Multicultural India

No description

Karoline Heggdal

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Multicultural India

Multicultural India Introduction ... small The green frock The Indian culture Essential facts Immigration in India Emigration in India Colonism in India National Integration
in India Assimilation Conclusion -Former British colony
-Great Britain have helped
-Independence 1947 By: Unknown Author. «Amazing Facts about India» Amazing Facts Facts about India. Unknown time. October 21, 2012.10.28http://www.facts-about-india.com/amazing-facts-about-india.php

By: Saxena, Deepak & Banerjee, P. «Migration of Indias abroad.» India, Science and Technology. 2002. October 22 2012http://www.nistads.res.in/indiasnt2008/t1humanresources/t1hr8.htm

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By: Unknown author. «Background Note: India» Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs. April 17, 2012. October 22, 2012. http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/3454.htm j Mahal" www.nationalgeographic.com unknown, (24/10/2012 kl 17.46)

By: Gandhi, Cyber."Indian’s migration history is 2500 years old" www.escapefromindia.com ,30th may 2007,(18/10/2012 kl 13.47)

By: unknown,"British rule in India" www.iloveindia.com unknown, (22/10/2012, kl 08.58)
http://www.iloveindia.com/history/modern-history/british-india.html (22/10/2012, kl 08.58)

By: Unknown wikipedia-writer.
´´Multiculturalism´´ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiculturalism, last edited 28th October 2012. (22/10/12)

By: Kathy Livingston. ´´Guide to writing a basic essay´´http://lklivingston.tripod.com/essay/intro.html, last updatet 25th of June 2012. (22/10/12)
By unknown author, username Manish. ´´National integration in India´´ http://www.shareyouressays.com/3088/1005-words-short-essay-on-national-integration-in-india, Written in 2012. -Chan Jit Kaur
-Theme: class
distinctions and injustice
-Caste system in India - culturally diverse
- second largest population
- struggling with integration
- Long history of invasions from other parts of the world which has caused cultural diversity - not common
- only 0.5 % is foreignborn!
- still multicultural
- invasions from other parts of the world
- diversity in language - MP 1: India is one of the most diverse countries in the world in terms of culture.
- MP 2: National integration in India has been a problem throughout India´s history.
- MP 3: Colonization has affected India´s culture and history by great means. Introduction to national integration in India A piece of history National integration in India today Ghandi´s speech about fighting the British empire in an non-violent way, ie. by refusing whilst respecting, and being hurt without hurting. Thank you for your time Thank you for your time Thank you for your time
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