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Presentation 2

Tiffany Drozd

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of 99Tutors

Organization Matching Process Orientation Kristin Dodd
Tiffany Drozd
Kristin Ezelle
Amy Norris Introduction 99Tutors.com
Services Marketing Plan
Processing Shelves Access Database Additional Staff Marketing Shirts
Website Goals Goals Goals Microsoft Access 2007 Essential Training
on Lynda.com $49.95 for CD-ROM or $25/mo. for online access to all
Lynda.com programs Overall: Achieve efficiency
-Recommended for expansion
Keep close tabs on all business operations
-Concrete numbers Add personality preference questions
-Male or Female
-Available Hours
-Special Requests/Accommodations Two part-time employees
-a.m. and p.m.
Sort Filter Queries Tables Overall: Internal Marketing
-Build brand internally
Increase Loyalty and Retention
Decrease perceived risk for tutors
-Uniformity Increase Awareness
Build Credibity and Professionalism

Overview Lower price/hour
Package Incentives
Promoter T-Shirts
Simplify Flyers
Improve Website and Facebook Page
Organize Office Procedures
Hire Additional Office Staff
Implement Employee Orientation Overview of Recommendations Before After Questions?
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