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smith roeth

rain forest

Jefferson Middle

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of smith roeth

plants of the rainforest facts facts where rainforests are located animals of the rain forest rain fall and temp. average rain fall is from 80 to 158 in
the temp is from 20 to 93 degrees there are many different animals in the forest one great animal is the poison dart frog vines grow on trees rain forest . the rain forest covers about 1 /20 of the earth's land surface

.rainforests are areas of wood land *Trees have buttresses, Buttresses
are hard wood plates at the bottom of a tree. North and south America , Africa , Asia , and Australia *A sloth moth lays eggs in sloths fur. How people affect the rain forest people cut down trees and burn the rain forests down they don't know that hurts us all. It can take 100 years to grow back.
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