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Oliver Twist 30; Character Analysis

All About Brooke Ahrens- I used this presentation as an icebreaker to introduce myself to my classes this year.

Lucy Ramirez

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of Oliver Twist 30; Character Analysis

Oliver Twist
Character Analysis
30 2
Fagin 3
Nancy 4
Rose Maylie 5
Mr. Brownlow 6
Bill Sikes 7
Mr. Bumble 8
Charley Bates 9
Mrs. Bedwin 30
Mr. Gamfield 29
Duff and Blathers 28
Monk's Mother 27
Bull's Eye 26
Charlotte 25
Mr. Sowerberry 24
Mrs Sowerberry 23
Mrs. Mann 22
Mr. Fang 21
Mr. Leeford 20
Noah Claypole 19
Agnes Fleming 18
Toby Crackit 17
Tom Chitling 16
Mr. Grimwig 15
Old Sally 10
The Artful Dodger 11
Mrs. Maylie 12
Harry Maylie 13
Mr. Losberne 14
Mrs. Corney Nancy is a former pickpocketer and a currently one of Fagin's young prostitutes. She is also Bill Sikes lover but her sense of decency and love for Sikes comes into conflict during the novel. Although she is one of the criminals in the novel, she is one of the noblest characters. Due to her personal being she ends up giving her life for Oliver and is murdered by Sikes for revealing the Monk's plots. Rose Maylie was Agnes Fleming's sister but she was raised by Mrs. Maylie after the death of her father. Rose was a beautiful, compassionate, and forgving young woman; she was actually the novel's model of female virtue. Her and Oliver had a wonderful and loving relationship even before they found out they were related. Charley Bates is one of Fagin's well-known pickpocketers. He is a very entertaining young boy and likes to have a good time. Charley likes to be amused and will take any chance to laugh at its full advantage. Mrs. Bedwin is Mr. Brownlow's housekeeper. She is a very altruistic woman and also forgiving. In the novel she does not believe Mr. Bumble's report about Oliver. She believes that Mr. Bumble is being untruthful when it came to the negativity in the report. The Dodger is Fagin's most intelligent pickpocketer. The Dodger may be how he is mainly known but his real name is Jack Dawkins. Although he may dress and act a lot older than Oliver, like an adult man even he is actually no older than him. The Dodger is the reason for Oliver meeting Fagin because he's the one who introduced them. Mrs. Maylie is a very kind and generous woman. She is indeed one of the older yet wealthier woman in the novel. She is a mother as well, she has a son named Harry Maylie. Not only that but she is also the adoptive aunt of Rose Maylie. Mr. Losberne is a hostile yet lenient unmarried old man. He's a docter and is Mrs. Maylie's family physician. In the novel Mr. Losberne is impetuously lyal to the Maylie family. He eventually also warms up to Oliver too. Mrs. Corney is an insincere, careless, and greedy woman. She works as the administrator of the workhouse where Oliver was born. After she marries Mr. Bumble she relentlessly harasses him. Old Sally is an elderly pauper that worked as the nurse when Oliver was born. During the birth she steals a gold locket, that belonged to Agnes; Oliver's mother. This locket eventually ends up being the only clue Oliver's identity. Harry Maylie is an exuberant young man and the son of Mrs. Maylie. He has terrific political aspiration and career contemplations. He was planning to be succesful and make something of his life. But in the novel he eventually gives all this up to marry Rose Maylie. Tom Chitling is a rather dreary young fellow. He is indeed a member of Fagin's gang. In the past he has even served jail time for doing some of Fagin's bidding. Agnes Fleming was the daughter of a retired naval officer and a beautiful, glorious woman. She was Oliver's mother and his face closely but surely resembles hers. See after she had fallen in love with Mr. Leeford she became pregnant. Soon after she gave brith to Oliver in the workhouse she decided to die secretly to avoid tainting her family's reputation. Noah Claypole is an overgrown, apprehensive insolent. He is a charity boy and Mr. Sowerberry's assistant. In the novel he misuses Oliver and ends up joining Fagin's gang. Mr. Fang was a harsh, absurd, tyrant. He was a judge and presided over Oliver's pickpocketing case. Mrs. Mann is a cruel and deceitful woman. She is the advisor for the workhouse where Oliver is being raised. Although she may seem like a good woman for taking many children into her care she is the exact opposite. The children that were under her care were trotured day by day. Mrs. Mann substantially abused and harshly abstained them. Charlotte is the Sowerberry's housekeeper. In the novel she becomes nostalgically involed with Noah Claypole and ends up following him around menially. Bull's eye was Bill Sikes dog. Unfortunately he took after his master because he was as atrocious as Bill. He tended to act as Bill's altar ego. Bill Sikes was a vicious professional burglar who was eventually brought into Fagin's gang. Bill is Nancy's lover and the owner of a dog named Bull's eye. He treats them both with grueling and torturous affection. Him murdering Nancy was the most nefarious crime in the novel. Mr. Gamfield is a ruthless chimney sweep. In the novel Oliver almost becomes Mr. Gamfield's associate. Duff and Blathers are two clumsy and awkward police officers. They investigated the attempted robbery of Mrs. Maylie's house. Toby Crackit is a dense and somber young man. He is one of Bill Sikes and Fagin's associates. In the novel he takes part in the attempted robbery of Mrs. Maylie's house. Mrs. Sowerberry was a despicable, and irrational woman. She was the wife of Mr. Sowerberry. But it wasn't that good of a marriage because she tormented him immercilessly. 1
Oliver Twist Oliver Twist was a poor orphan who was born in a workhouse . In the novel Oliver is between the ages of nine and twelve. For most of his life, Oliver was cruely treated and surrounded by courseness. But, although his life he is still just an innocent boy who's charm draws attention to much of the wealthy. Because Oliver is the main character his identity is the center - mystery of the novel. Fagin is the main pick pocketer of this novel, he's a career criminal, he is convincing, and sneaky. Instead of commiting his crimes himself he perfers to hire people to commit them for him. He uses this teqnique so that if they get caught they suffer the consequences rather then him. He is also known by some of the characters as "the old one" which is a popular name for the devil. Mr. Brownlow was a cultivative gentlemen and served as Oliver's first benefactor. In the novel Mr. Brownlow acted with empathy and trivial sense and emerged as a natural leader. He also owned a portrait of Rose's sister; Agnes Fleming. He was even engaged to Mr. Leeford's sister at the time of her death which was unfortunate for him. Mr. Bumble a narcissistic man; was a minor church official for the workhouse where Oliver was born. Mr. Bumble may come off as a good gentleman from his preaches of Christian morality but in reality he is the complete opposite. He treats the paupers that he cares for in insensitive and repugnant ways. Mr. Grimwig is the pessimistic, awkward friend of Mr. Brownlow. He is essentially a kind man but he uses his pessimism mostly as a erotic character whim. Mr. Leeford was the father of both Oliver and the Monk; he unfortunately died long before any of the events in the novel. He was an intelligent and eminent man with a family that forced him into an unhappy marriage with a wealthy woman. He was actually abble to seperate from his wife later on and had a illegitimate love affair with Agnes Fleming; Oliver's mother. He fell in love with Agnes and had plans of leaving the country with her but died before he ever had the chance. Mr. Sowerberry is the mortician that Oliver is aquainted to. He makes a convoluted living by arranging low price burials for paupers. Despite this he is a modest man and is very nice to Oliver. Monk's mother was a heiress who lived a very much fancy life and alienated her husband; Mr. Leeford. When her husband died she destryed his will, which left part of his property to Oliver. Much of the Monk's malice is inherited from her.
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