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Running a Creative Business RA: Personal Branding

Pecha Kucha

Philippa Baminger

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of Running a Creative Business RA: Personal Branding

Corporate Behavior
Corporate Design
The Brand Philippa Baminger
Driven by curiosity and ambition, I believe that trying out new things, asking many questions and pushing the boundaries of the ordinary are essential ingredients for achieving excellent creative work.
s i m p l i c i t y
the HOW
"Articulate your personal brand with love and passion, be committed to change, and improve your perceived values in the marketplace and yourself continuously."
Primary research

Paul Chandler
Peter Baminger
Lisa Minihold
Katrin Strick
Natalie Pillwatsch
Sarah Howorka
inquisitive & critical
good at teamwork
logic, analytic thinking
“switched on”
professional skills
lack of discipline (punctuality &time management)
hard on myself
academic references
'young' positioning
improve Corporate Behavior
underselling (too shy with people who impress me)
not being taken serious enough
fear of failure
not being brave enough
to take more space, hear ideas and point of views
developing your ideas for the real world
selling your ideas
forming opinions and speaking up
shouldering responsibility
start managing your time
Data source: peer to peer feedback at Hyper Island
Arrunda, W. (2003), An Introduction to Personal Branding: a revolution in the way we manage our careers, available online at: www.reachcc.com (visited 11 February 2005)
"Express yourself and what to stand for to everyone you come in contact with – your professional target audience, your neighbors, your family, your colleagues, even the man on the street. Do this constantly and consistently."
Myers, Isabel Briggs, Mary H. McCaulley, Naomi Quenk, and Allan Hammer. (1998) MBTI Handbook: A Guide to the development and use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Consulting Psychologists Press, 3rd edition. ISBN 0-89106-130-4
extraversion, intuition, thinking, perception
Unicode.org. n.d.. Untitled. [online] Available at: http://unicode.org/charts/PDF/U2000.pdf [Accessed: 25 Jul 2013].
Morgan, M. 2011. Personal Branding: Create Your Value Proposition. Strategic Finance, p. 13.
"Branding based on unique appearance and behavior often requires a person to demonstrate a greater amount of quality work and substance in order to overshadow the first impression created by their unique dress and behavior."
Gehl, Rober W. Ladders, samurai, and blue collars: Personal branding in Web 2.0
First Monday, Volume 16, Number 9 - 5 September 2011
Available at: http://firstmonday.org/ojs/index.php/fm/article/view/3579/3041
(Accessed July 24th 2013)
"The goal of personal branding is to create a highly marketable image set apart from the competition. […] Yet personal branding literature relies upon the language of authenticity, arguing the responsible self-brander is a person who is honest with herself and others."
Rampersad, H. 2008. A New Blueprint for Powerful and Authentic Personal Branding. Performance Improvement, 47 (6), pp. 34 - 37.
"To develop your personal brand statement, perform (…) and evaluate yourself. These should also be related to four key perspectives: internat, external, knowledge and learning."

Rampersad, H. 2008. A New Blueprint for Powerful and Authentic Personal Branding. Performance Improvement, 47 (6), pp. 34 - 37.
"Finally, you should design your personal logo, a single graphical symbol that represents your personal brand."
Rampersad, H. 2008. A New Blueprint for Powerful and Authentic Personal Branding. Performance Improvement, 47 (6), pp. 34 - 37.
having too much pressure on yourself from the beginning
trying to overachieve
getting louder in discussions
being so hard on yourself
compressing your feelings
trying to prove yourself
being so much in your mind
work hard
being committed to the work
your development process
asking questions
optimistic energy
being proactive
your hunger for knowledge
"Always think: Why is this here? What is the purpose of the design?"

Nicole Antognini, Media Designer
Personal Balanced Score Card
Running a Creative Business
Research Activity

Hyper Island, July 25th, 2013

Salazar, Elena. 2013. Creating your PBSC. [online] Available at: http://www.reliability.com/industry/articles/Jun_12_08_Creating%20your%20PBSC_ES%20(2).pdf [Accessed: 24 Jul 2013].

Labrecque, Lauren. Markos, Ereni. Milne, George R. Online Personal Branding: Processes, Challenges, and Implications. Journal of Interactive Marketing (Mergent, Inc.). Feb2011, Vol. 25 Issue 1, p37-50. 14p.
"I don't think that you are aware of how much your own energy can affect others."

Matilda Sundaker
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