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No description

Molly Fuller

on 11 January 2016

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Transcript of Personification

Personification Game

Play this game once or twice with a parter!

The wind danced across the field

Time flies when you're having fun
What is it?
Phrases that give human actions/characteristics to non-human things.

The sun kissed my face
Grab a partner!
Pick 3 of these 5 images. On a sheet of noteook paper, write down an example of personification that relates to each image.
the wind doesn't
But you get the point don't you?
This phrase means that the wind
blew across the field in a pleasing way
...if the sun REALLY kissed your face you'd burn up in a second! When people use this phrase they really mean "the sun felt warm on my face"
Time doesn't
fly... but it seems to go by faster when you're doing something that is fun. Time seems to go slower when you're doing something boring.
now go to the last slide...
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