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Solfege 101

A simple lesson on the basics of Solfege

Shelby Taylor

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Solfege 101

Shelby Taylor
music educator & lifelong learner
- Ike, Mycroft, and Pepper Potts
- Photographer on the side
- Active in worship ministry
- Lover of astronomy and British TV
Who am I??
Student Teaching
- Secondary @ White Oak ISD
-Elementary @ Birdwell Elem. in Tyler ISD
- from Liberty City, TX
Who Am I??
- Vocal Music Education Major
Today's Lesson
Solfege 101
Shelby Taylor...903.522.3016...shelbyktaylor2@gmail.com
Shelby Taylor...903.522.3016...shelbyktaylor2@gmail.com
The student will prove their understanding of the basics of solfege by writing the solfege ladder in correct order in the format of a mini-quiz. The student will also sign the solfege ladder using hand signs with 85% accuracy.
Shelby Taylor...903.522.3016...shelbyktaylor2@gmail.com
Shelby Taylor
Shelby Taylor...903.522.3016...shelbyktaylor2@gmail.com
What is Solfege??
-In music, we use a Solfege to help us read and learn music. It helps us sing correct pitches and helps us when we want to practice music outside of class.

-It's particularly helpful when learning the sounds of notes that are a long way from each other, and we call those intervals.

-A man named Zoltan Kodaly made the teaching of Solfege famous in the mid 1900s, and it is a very important part of music today
Shelby Taylor...903.522.3016...shelbyktaylor2@gmail.com
Meet "DO"
- Do = Home
- "Do" is the pitch that the whole key centers on
-- > Key of F, F= Do
Fun with Solfege
Example of Solfege
Shelby Taylor...903.522.3016...shelbyktaylor2@gmail.com
Meet "MI"
- MI lives two floors (steps) up from DO
- Makes DO sound good
Meet "SO"
-lives in the attic
"SO, MI, and DO" are a perfect group. They help each other and make people happy.
-So, Mi, and Do are everything you need to know on your first day of becoming a singer.

-If you become good friends with So, Mi, and Do, you're already on your way to success!
Shelby Taylor...903.522.3016...shelbyktaylor2@gmail.com
Shelby Taylor...903.522.3016...shelbyktaylor2@gmail.com
Shelby Taylor...903.522.3016...shelbyktaylor2@gmail.com
P.S. Don't worry! In my class I'll teach you exactly how to get along with and maybe even become best friends with Solfege.
- When using Solfege, hand signs are important to learn because they give a physical placement for a vocal pitch.
- Body Scale.
- In other words, it gets your brain thinking about the music and your body showing the music.
Hand Signs
Shelby Taylor...903.522.3016...shelbyktaylor2@gmail.com
Shelby Taylor...903.522.3016...shelbyktaylor2@gmail.com
Solfege is a practice in sight-reading vocal music using special syllables.
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