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mystery project kassandra munoz

No description

Kassandra Munoz

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of mystery project kassandra munoz

Mystery Project Kassandra Munoz
Period 2 Fingerprinting evidence Ink- Chromatography Evidence Fabric Evidence Fabric was collected from the crime scene, and from the witnesses. fabric was collected from where the blood splatter was located, the fabric itself was thin and wavy, white, the fabric burned extremely quickly, as the fabric burned it shriveled up into itself and turned black. the fabric collected from cody wilson was white, a bit curly and when lit on fire it shrivels and turns black, these to fabrics seem to be quite similar DNA Evidence DNA evidence from the crime scene was collected , DNA was found A-near the head of the outline, B-the top corner of the table, C-the table leg, D-the splatter on floor, E-there was saliva residue on bottle, and F-skin cells on the bracelet. DNA was collected from the witnesses, evidence A, B, C, and D all belong to Anne. The saliva residue on the water bottle belongs to Cody and the skin cells found on the bracelets belongs to Holly. Evidence handwriting
evidence Evidence Soil Evidence Footprint Evidence On the crime scene a note was found torn and crumpled. The ink on the note was tested, witnesses and suspects had given up their usual pen/marker for a chromatography test. Ink was tested from the note itself, Henry Vinn, Anne Marcus, William Pinkerton, Rachel Johnson, Holly Sienas, Cody Wilson and Beck Martin. The ink tested from the note matched the pen/marker of suspect holly sienas. The measurements of the ink from the note were a=7cm b=5.9cm c=2.5cm d=.6cm, the ink from holly's marker were a=6.8cm b=6.2 cm c= 2.6cm d= .6cm. The difference of the measurements are quite small, they maintain the same colors in the pattern with similar measurements. Throughout the crime scene were footprints, to figure out the who footprints belonged too, we gathered footprints from all the witnesses, the footprints were measured and observed. the footprints that lead to the body were quite large/wide, they have a checkered pattern on a the heel of the shoe, the shoe size is 28.5cm. The foot print that matches the description of the footprints leading to the body match William's footprints whose shoe is 28.5cm and has a wide set foot with a checkered pattern. The foot prints by the clothing rack match the footprints of Rachel Johnson's footprints. Witnesses were fingerprinted, the crime scene was investigated for fingerprints. the water bottle found on the crime scene was tested for fingerprints but no legible fingerprints were acquired. i was unable to come up with a conclusion with the fingerprints because the fingerprint coming from the crime scene was not legible. the soil found in the foot prints on the crime scene had the soil tested. the footprints that lead to the body has a tan/ brown color to it which had tiny rocks and was very brittle with a pH of 7 which matches the janitor William Pinkerton's shoe soil sample. the foot prints heading toward the cast board by the wardrobe rack was a dark brown similar to what dry mud appears to look like with tiny rocks and the pH was 7 which matches to the drama teacher Rachel Johnson's soil sample. the note found under the table on the crime scene was analyzed and observed. the crumpled note found under the desk had letters that flowed together like traditional cursive, the writing in the note slanted to the right, and the author wrote the I's similar to the T's except the T's are exaggerated. we had the witnesses write a sentence that Anne had written on one of her assignments. the hand writing similar to the handwriting on the note is holly's handwriting. holly's handwriting flows with the rest of the writing, the letters slant to the right, it is written in traditional cursive with exaggerated t's and many loops.
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