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Morgan w.

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Cheerleading!

Famous Cheerleaders
Why is Cheerleading the best sport?
Cheerleading is the best sport because it takes several key components: dedication, determination, time, effort, lack of fear, passion, stamina, endurance, and be physically fit, etc. While most athletes are lifting weights and throwing around a ball, cheerleaders are tossing each other around hoping nothing goes wrong. Most athletes wear padding and have helmets, but cheerleaders fearlessly throw, or get thrown, in the air only hoping someone is there to catch them. Not only does it take a toll mentally but it is a very physical sport. So physical that it has been the sport holding the most injuries for several years. Cheerleading is not just girls in short skirts with pom pom getting the crowd excited, it is life or death.
1. No gum
2. No Glitter
3. Hair up
4. No nail polish
5. Always wear shoes
6. Keep short finger nails
7.NEVER let your flyer touch the ground!!!!
8. Give it your all!
It all started at the University of Minnesota in 1903. When the team was created the were not cheerleaders but the "yell squad." Two years later, Texas A&M created their own"yell squad." Texas was known as the "The Cheerleading State."Originally, cheerleading was an all male sport but women began participating in 1923 and took over the cheer world during World War II. This is when stunting, tumbling, and props were incorporated into cheering. In the 1980's, the Bristish Cheerleading Foundation was formed and Cheerleading began its impact on the world.
Halle Berry was a high school cheerleader.
Michael Douglas was a cheerleader that followed in his father's foot steps.
Sandra Bullock was an Arlington's Washington-Lee high school cheerleader.
Paula Abdul was head cheerleader in high school and later became a Laker girl.
One man Stunting
The End!
There are 4 people that make up one stunt group. The one in the air is the flyer, the two on the left and right are bases, and the one in the back is a backspot. Bases are to hold the flyer and keep the stunt stable. Backspots take some weight off the bases and catch the flyer. Flyers jobs are to stay tight, and, if by some mishap, they must always fall correctly. Falling correctly means staying tight and not flailing so your bases can catch you.
Parts of a stunt!
Lawrence Kerkimer, a former cheerleader, formed the Nation Cheerleaders Association(NCA) in 1948. The NCA hosted the first documented cheer clinic in 1949. The clinic only included 52 girls.
In the 1940's, a high school cheer team went to an NCA camp meaning they were the first non-collegiate team to attend.
In 1967, pee wee football incoperated Pop Warner cheerleading into their programs.
In the 1980's British cheerleading Association(BCA) formed which allowed cheerleading to spread worldwide. Currently 79 countries participate with over 4.5 million cheerleaders worldwide.
Big Events in Cheerleading
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