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No description

genesis aldana

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of HARRY STYLES

Harry Edward Styles ! Harry Edward Styles ! How did Harry
his bandmates become what they are now ? The
End ! Harry Styles is the flirt from One Direction , the lead singer in the band . Girls love him because of his curly hair and dimples . He loves that many girls like him for who he is. He will always be the guy the girls love for his amazing smile. Birth & Family; Harry Edward Styles was born in February 1 , 1994 in Evesham, Worcestershire, England. He has an older sister named Gemma. He was seven when his parents divorced, his mother subsequently getting remarried. Following the divorce, Styles, his older sister and mother moved further out into the Cheshire countryside. At the age of twelve he moved back to Holmes Chapel. Early Life ; As a child Harry loved singing. He had listed Elvis Presley as one of his influences. When Harry was sixteen years old he had a part-time job at the Mandeville Bakery in Holmes Chapel. They auditioned on the X-Factor UK in 2010 , he didn’t make it though. He actually got voted off along with Louis , Zayn , Niall and Liam . They didn’t make it on the X-Factor but Simon Cowell said that they had too much talent to let it all go to waste . Simon Cowell the formed the band One Direction. Who Is Harry Styles ? He is the lead singer for most of the songs of the band & the good looking curly headed from One Direction. He is the youngest member there & amazing friend with all his bandmates. by; Genesis Aldana ( :
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