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Among The Imposters

No description

Gurpreet Singh

on 17 November 2012

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Transcript of Among The Imposters

Written by: Margaret Peterson Haddix Among The Imposters Plot Summary Characters Setting Conflict The major issue in Among the Imposters is that Luke is trying to stop the third child rule. Luke believes that couples should be given the right to have as many kids as they want. There should be no third child rule. Luke Garner Jake Barstow Trey Nina Idi The setting of the book is mostly at a private school. The events took place during the year of 2001. During the year of 2001, there has been quite amount of overpopulation issues and the main character is on a mission to control the drastic increasing population growth. Mr. Hendricks Mr. Dirk and Mr.Talbot Jackal Headed boy Rolly Luke is a forbidden third child who is enrolled to a private school. This school is secretly filled with third children. Luke goes under a fake name, Lee Grant. When he was out of school he wandered into the woods and he went past a group of kids who were talking about them and others being third children. They were also talking about going to school with fake names. Luke didn't know that one of them was spy working for the population police.
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