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Relationships and Chemistry

No description

Jalexus Watson

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of Relationships and Chemistry

Relationships and Chemistry
Chemistry in Relationships
How the chemicals work...
Each chemical that is involved in a relationship is released. They are sent out to certain parts of your body in order for you to have certain emotions and feelings activated.

Each chemical have certain jobs and there are 3 main chemicals that are present in a relationship. They are dopamine,serotonin and oxytocin.
Dopamine is a chemical that deals with things that pleasure and things that you like.
It is sometimes does not last long in a relationship because when you are not pleasured and the things you like are not present in the relationship, then the dopamine runs out which can cause the relationship to end.
In order to keep the dopamine from running out, do things that you both like to do and make sure that you both are happy in the relationship.
Serotonin is a chemical that is released to deal with things you desire.
Serotonin is released when you are desired to be with the other person or do things with them.
It can cause you to become obsessed with the other person because you want to see/be with them all the time and you think about them constantly.
When serotonin is not present in a relationship then it shows that you don't care about being with your significant other and spending special time with them.
Chemicals involved in Relationships
Noradrenergic- activated by norepinephrine.
Norepinephrine-a neurotransmitter released by sympathetic neurons to affect the heart.
Neurotransmitter-transmit signals to a specific neuron in the body.
Neurochemical- an organic molecule.
Dopamine-controls the brain's reward and pleasure center and it helps with movement and emotional responses.
Phenylethylamine-when dealing with relationships, phenylethylamine balances neutral hormones. It shows noticable love affects by releasing B-endorphin.
B-endorphin- a neuron that causes happiness and joy.
Oxytocin- a powerful hormone
Serotonin-affects mood,appetite,sleep,memory,sexual desire and function.
Oxytocin is a powerful hormone that is activated that causes you to want to cuddle and it also creates a bond between the two people.
This hormone is normally released when a mother is breast feeding her child or after intercourse. This because the two people are bonding.
When oxytocin is not present in a relationship, it means that you don't have a strong bond or the bond does not exist. This causes the two people to drift away from each other.
Ways you can increase oxytocin is by having more bonding time with each other and doing activities with each other. Introduce each other to new things.
These chemicals can often cause you to fall into depression after you have gotten out of a relationship or when something went wrong in a relationship.

To keep from falling into depression, you can do things to make yourself feel better such as exercising and eating healthy.
The relation these chemicals have with a relationship doesn't necessarily deal with two intimate people but also with a family or friend relationship. In any type of relationship, these chemicals will be released especially if the relationship is a good one.
The purpose of my project is to show my audience that chemistry does actually exist in relationships and tell them what the chemicals are. The chemistry is based on how strong the relationship is and how well the people get along with each other. Any type of relationship involve these chemicals.
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