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Summary – Course expectations and need analysis

No description

Sasha Keser

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of Summary – Course expectations and need analysis

Summary – Course expectations and needs analysis
Why are you doing this course?

How often can you be online during this course? You will not complete the course work if you go online less than twice a week.
About once a day 33%
About three of four times a week 67%
How confident are you doing the the things below? (you can choose more than one)
Using email 16% 12
Sending and opening email attachments 14% 10
Using word processing (e.g. Word) 9% 7
Using the Internet 14% 10
Playing video online 8% 6
Playing audio online 8% 6
Opening a pdf file (e.g. Adobe) 11% 8
Using blogs 7% 5
Using wikis 3% 2
Using instant messaging or chat
(e.g. MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Skype) 11% 8
Are you worried about anything with this course? Tell me what it is or write "Nothing".
I am worried about not being able to log in and benefit from course materials due to my working circumstances.
maybe I will be busy all the time preparing lessons for students and my work in TKT.
I am worried about missing things because I am not used to online courses. I have tried Moodle at university but that was a very short encounter and it was not very successful!
I need to know the specific date of starting each unit and what time to submit assignments
Nothing. I was a bit worried at first but I am more confident right now.
I feel excited and worried because I'm not that much in using internet and I'm going to use new way of learning so,I hope to success and get high grade...
Just wondering about the final test.. I will get my first baby 2/5..
i am worried about missing activities because i am not that good in using forums. this is my first time using an English forums but hopefully i will get better.
missing any important date. missing my final exam because my expected date for delivery is 21st of March
I am taking this course because I am really eager to improve and change my teaching methods and I like to learn new strategies for obtaining my aims.
*To share teaching experiences with coursemates. *To refresh my teaching knowledge.
I am doing the course because my supervisor suggested that I do it and a colleague said that it is a useful course
I'd like to improve my teaching skills and enhance my teaching techniques by reviewing theories, exchanging experiences and testing different educational fields.
I heard about this course, I am so eager to take it. it will enhance my knowledge. It is interesting because it is online course.
I want to learn useful ideas that will help me in my career. I would also like to get to know other people using English.
To develop and improve my ways of teaching also,to get the various methods for assess my students and controlling class. Add for that,to get the benefit in teaching and learning English
1. Exchanging my experience with other teachers. 2. Improve my knowledge in learning and teaching 3. Lovely environment to use English and contact on line
1.Develop my teaching knowledge. 2.Improve my English skills (interacting)
to learn and add to my knowledge, to share my ideas, to learn from others
I am interested in this course as it is great chance to practice the language and enrich our thinking. I am enjoying online courses.
I do it as a challenge. I like to have a new experience.
Are you going to be away during this course? e.g. You may be going on holiday, school trip or a training course.
No, I am here for the course. 75%
Yes, I am going away. 25%
Is there anything else you would like to tell me about?
I am very excited for the course and ready to start!
hope that I don't face any difficulty in tasks or assignments.
No, nothing
I'd like to get weekly report about my study progress
I want to tell you that i did the grammar quizzes before you sent the calender.
I'm not quite sure myself but if I have to travel abroad for two weeks, what should I do regarding the course? Hence there is no fixed date till now.
I would to tell you thank you very much for your help and I'm sure I will try to do the best by your help.....
Wish you all the best
i am ready to learn if there is any thing i am wrong in or not completed plz inform me
thanks a lot for your support. you always encourage us
Thank you for your great help and guide me to login in this course.
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