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The powerloom

history assingment

millie legge

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of The powerloom

by Millie and Emma The Powerloom The inventor What do you think? The powerloom was invented by Edmund Cartwright. He was born in 1743 in Nottinghamshire. He studied at Oxford University and started his career in the church.
Edmund was inspired to create the power loom after visiting the cotton-spinning mills. Although many people looked down at the idea and said that the idea was too complicated, the first powerloom was patented in 1785. It wasnt very good but improvements were made along the way. The process Edmund Cartwright established a factory but since he was ingnorant about industry it never became anything more than a testing site. Producing A company in Manchester set up a factory but only about 400 powerlooms were made because the factory was burnt down.
It was probably arson because many handloom workers were scared of what would happen to their jobs. Edmund became deeply in dept so he moved back to London. Fortunately for him he was awarded 10,000 pounds from the house of common in recognition for national benefits for his power loom. Producing Outcome was the powerloom a success or fail?
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