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No description

Alyssa McGee

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of FFA

Sumner FFA
Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE)
Career Development Events (CDE's)
Other Awesome Opportunities FFA has to Offer!

-State FFA Convention; Pullman, Washington
-National FFA Convention; Louisville, Kentucky
-Community Service projects
-Chapter Events (Meetings, Lock-ins, etc)
-District Events (Meetings, Skating parties, etc)
-Leadership Opportunities and Camps
-Numerous Scholarship Opportunities
Learning to do, doing to learn. Earning to live, living to serve.
What is FFA?
What do the letters "FFA" stand for?
Students with an SAE learn by doing. With help from your agricultural teachers (Mr. Pile and Ms. Treich), you can develop an SAE project based on one or more SAE categories:
What is an SAE?
A program designed to help its members develop their own unique talents and explore their interests in a broad range of career pathways.

The letters "FFA" stand for Future Farmers of America; however, in 1988 the official name of the organization was changed from "Future Farmers of America" to "The National FFA Organization" to reflect the growing diversity of agriculture.
Own and operate an agricultural business (e.g. a lawn care service, livestock operation, holiday poinsettia production and sales).
Get a job or an internship on a farm or ranch at an agricultural based business, or in a school or factory laboratory.
Research and Experimentation
Plan and conduct a science experiment (you can use your science project that you're already required to do in your biology class). We have 14 students qualified to go to the national science fair in Louisville with their projects!
Explore careers in agriculture by attending an agricultural career fair, or creating a report or documentary on the work of a veterinarian (for example).
Celine Patrick
Meet your 2014-2015
Vice President
Alyssa McGee
Anthony Josten
Jacklyn Brendible
- I have been in FFA for four years.

- I raise and show lambs!

- I work at Baskin Robbins.
Corrina Karrer
CDE's help students develop the abilities to think critically, communicate clearly, and perform effectively in a competitive job market. These competitive events cover job skills in everything from communications to mechanics. Some events allow students to compete as individuals, while others allow them to compete in teams.
What is a CDE?
Speaking Competitions
-Extemporaneous Public Speaking
-Prepared Public Speaking
-Parliamentary Procedure
-Novice Parli-Pro (7th in State last year!)
-Creed Speaking
-Job Interview

Business Competitions
-Farm Business Management
-Ag Communications (5th in State last year!)
-Marketing Plan
-Ag Issues
-Ag Sales (6th in State last year!)

Environmental Sciences Competitions
-Environmental and Natural Resources (state champions last year!)

Animal Sciences Competitions
-Dairy Cattle Evaluation and Management
-Dairy Handling
-Horse Evaluation
-Livestock Evaluation
-Poultry Evaluation
-Veterinary Science
Food Sciences Competitions
-Meats Evaluation and Technology
-Milk Quality and Products (7th in State last year!)
-Food Science (8th in State last year!)
Mechanics/Other Competitions
-Trap Shooting
-Tractor Driving
-Ag Technology and Mechanical Systems
The Rumors ARE True!
You CAN in fact raise a pig or a lamb through FFA! This is a great way to have a blast while learning hard work, commitment, responsibility, meet a ton of new people, and even make some money! Pig projects start in November/December, and lambs come in January, then will be raised by you and shown & sold at either the Spring Fair in April, or the Puget Sound show in June!
David Kurz
-This is my 3rd year of FFA.
-I love speaking in Sales, and other CDE's.
-I am going to nationals for the Environmental and Natural Resources CDE.
- I have been in FFA for 3 years.
- I love pigs!
- I will be going to the National FFA Convention in October for natural resources.

Ms. Treich
The Advisors!
Mr. Pile
-This is my third year in FFA.
-I show sheep and pigs.
-I went to Washington D.C. to represent the National FFA Organization.
-This is my 5th year in FFA.
-I have shown lambs in Washington, Oregon, and California for 7 years, and market hogs for 4 years.
-I have my own flock of 20 sheep.
-This will be my third year going to the National FFA Convetion in Louisville, Kentucky!

-This is my second year of FFA
-I was the President of the Rituals CDE last year.
-I work with my dad painting houses.
2013-2014 Recap!
Question time!
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