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Choir Behavior Expectations

No description

Brendan Emig

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Choir Behavior Expectations

Choir Behavior Expectations
How to Enter the Classroom
1. Walk in Quietly (no horseplay)
2. Place your backpack/personal items on the bookshelves
3. Bring your choir folder and pencil to your seat
4. Read white board and sharpen your pencil if needed.
Classroom Expectations
1. No Horseplay in the Classroom
1. Classroom Warning Before a Consequence
How Not to Enter a Classroom
How to enter the classroom
Classroom Expectations
2. Documented Verbal warning and parent phone call
3. 30 min. Detention and a parent phone call
5. Sent to the office/Asst Principal.
2. No Gum/Candy/Food in the Classroom
3. Exit the Risers through the aisles
4. Do not spray perfume, hairspray, apply lotion, put on make-up, or brush hair
5. Stay in assigned seat
1. Do not talk while the director is talking.
2. Raise your hand to speak, and wait until you are called on
3. Respect your classmates Do Not Interrupt them
4. Respect your teachers by following directions the first time.
6. 100% participation, 100% of the time
7. Keep comments and opinions to yourself. Talking out is
How To Enter a Classroom
5. No Disrespectful Remarks
4. Lunch Detention and parent phone call
100 Club
Classroom Behavior
100 club
Students begin each class with 100 points. Points can be lost according to student's behavior during activities.
Materials: Folder and Pencil (10pts)
Participation: (5 Points each time)
Staying in assigned seat/disruption (10 points each time)
Talking: (5 Points each time)
Tardy to Seat: (5 points)

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