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The Rain Horse

No description

Erick Weis

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of The Rain Horse

by Ted Hughes

Prezi by: Erick, Kyle, and Sean Summary The story begins with a man approaching a hedge-bank that looks into a valley. The day is dark and the rain is pouring. As he peers into the valley a surge of anger overcomes him. After while he peers out and sees a mysterious horse off in the distance. The horse seems to be angered by his presence and attacks the man. After enduring two attacks from the horse, the man arms himself with rocks and fights back. The horse stumbles when the rocks crack against it's head. As the rain gets heavier and heavier by the second, the man retreats into his hold farm shed, where he begins to recollect himself after these odd events. The Rain Horse स्टोरी की शुरुआत Ted Hughes - (1930-1998) - Hughes was a member of the British Royal Air Force. - He majored in Anthropology and Archeology, and studied mythologies extensively. Impact on the Literary World Hughes was appointed Poet Laureate of England in 1984.
His works have encouraged other poets to symbolize intense manner in their poems. An example of Hughes doing this would be in his poem, "Crow", where an amalgam of god, bird and man is symbolized. Theme of the Story One theme that stuck out the most would be: Don't drop your life on a whim that you could make it better. On his return, he can't quite recall how to navigate the terrain that he once knew. When he finally reaches his destination, the view, he receives a surge of anger because he felt so "outcast" to the land that he once knew. The horse could be an ominous anger that is striking back at him for leaving the farm. The gloomy rain also helps fit the theme, offering a dark setting for his return. Literary Elements used in the Rain Horse Tone: The description that Hughes offers gives a somber feel to the return to the farm. "Now he noticed that the sky had grown much darker." through use like that, the story gave off a much darker and mysterious vibe. Literary Elements, continued Imagery: The words are written to conjure an image of the old and forgotten field and events that are occurring.

Lines like these are great examples of imagery in this story: "...but immediately threw it aside and wiped the slime of rotten wet bark from his hands with his soaked handkerchief." (page 1216) "The hawthorns that choked the bottom of the wood-some of them good-sized trees-knitted into an almost impassable barrier." (page 1218) "All around him the boughs angled down, glistening, black as iron." (page 1215)" Sources Cited Image credits: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/44/Ted-Hughes-March1993.jpg/220px-Ted-Hughes-March1993.jpg Image credits: http://images.zgallerie.com/is/image/ZGallerie/hero/horse-in-the-rain-750395940.jpg Works Cited
Ted Hughes. 2013. 25 April 2013 <http://www.poets.org/poet.php/prmPID/113>. http://farm1.staticflickr.com/32/39517433_e471fe960e_z.jpg
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