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Using Pinterest for Revision

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Jennifer Lyne

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Using Pinterest for Revision

What is Pinterest?
Pinterest allows you, and others to post content including photos, YouTube and Vimeo videos, links, comments and other materials.
You can also search for any given topic in the search bar in order to collate information on a specific subject and this can help you with revision.

What do I search for?
You can search for any given topic that you need to revise for, or a topic that your are interested in. Your searches can be as broad or as niche as you want. If you’re struggling with choosing a topic, you can use the drop down box to search specific categories.
You can also search 'Explore Interests' which will show you similar topics to the ones you've 'pinned' on your board.
Creating a Pin Board
You can organise all your ‘pinned’ content by creating different pin boards so store all your subject related material.
These pinboards can be private, so only you can see them, or they can be shown to others. Therefore, you can use Pinterest to collaborate on projects, or to share notes and revision techniques.

For Teachers
Also, teachers may want to get involved by creating subject or more specific topic pinboards that their students can follow.
If not, the learning mentors are more than happy to create subject specific pinboards with you to help you get started.
Is Pinterest for you?
If you've seen things you like, have a go at creating a profile!

If you need any additional information, contact me on jlyne@totton.ac.uk or drop into the break out area for a chat.

for Revision
Your Pinboards
You can constantly update your pinboards with more relevant subject material
You can share them via email, Twitter or Facebook
The Pins will have links to websites with more information on the particular subject
You can add comments to the pins
You can upload your own links, images, information and videos
Finding Friends
If you want to search for any classmates or teachers who may have a Pinterest account, you can search for them through Facebook, Twitter or email.
Or, if you know someone has Pinterest, you can search for them in the search bar in order to find them.

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