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Verb Agreement

Singular Noun=Singular Verb Plural Noun=Plural Verb

Michael Singleton

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Verb Agreement

Subject-Verb Agreement Often times a single subject is seperated from the verb by plural words. Secret: Remove the other words to find out if the subject is singular or plural Example: Lil Wayne, along with the rest of Young Money, is apart of Cash Money Records. In general, when subjects are joined by AND, they take a plural verb. Right: Lil Wayne and Jay-Z have become two of the best rappers of our time. Wrong: Lil Wayne and Jay-Z has become two of the best rappers of our time. When subjects are joined by EITHER-OR or NEITHER-NOR, they take a singular verb. Example: Neither Stephanie nor her parents were aware she was late. Singular subject=singular verb
Plural subject=plural verb Singular Example: Michael Jordan was one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

Plural Example: Hunter and Justin were football players in middle school. How about groups like family, team, and army?
Secret: When the subject is collective you're almost always safe with using a singular verb. Example: The army was offering scholarships to people that signed up.
Example: The family has many cooks in the kitchen at the same time. (Has could also be Have)
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