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Miss Maudie Character Study

No description

Kristi Langhans

on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of Miss Maudie Character Study

Miss Maudie Character Study
Quote 2
"Miss Maudie hated her house: time spent indoors was time wasted." pg. 56
Quote 3
"She was a widow, a chameleon lady who worked in her flower beds in an old straw hat and men's coveralls, but after her five o'clock bath she would appear on the porch and reign over the street in magisterial beauty." pg. 56
Quote 1
"Jem and I had always enjoyed the free run of Miss Maudie's yard if we kept out of her azaleas..." pg. 55-56
Quote 5
Quote 4
"She loved everything that grew on God's earth, even the weeds." pg. 56

" She made the best cakes in the neighborhood." pg.57
Quote 6
"Miss Maudie and I would sit silently on her porch, watching the sky go from yellow to pink as the sun went down, watching flights of martins sweep over the neighborhood and disappear behind the school house rooftops." pg. 57
Quote 7
"'It's beautiful ain't it, Miss Maudie?' 'Beautiful my hind foot! If it freezes tonight it'll carry off all my azaleas!'" pg. 87
Quote 8
"'Always wanted a smaller house, Jem Finch. Gives me more yard. Just think, I'll have more room for my azaleas now!'" pg. 97
Quote 9
"With most of her possesions gone and her beloved yard a shambles, she still took a lively and cordial interest in Jem's and my affairs." pg. 97
Quote 10
"'That Stephanie's been after my recipe for thirty years, and if she thinks I'll give it to her just becasue I'm staying with her, she's got another think coming.'" pg. 98
Poem #1
By: Haas, Carsten
Upbeat, funny, outspoken, confident
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson
Lover of Azaleas, children and Maycomb
Who feels happiness in loss, outrage in hate and satisfaction in help
Who gives cake, advice and aid
Who fears for the town, her friends and her cake recipe
Who would like to see a new house, a free Tom, and less racism
Who lived in a small house
Poem #2
I love flowers,
With their lovely colours,
their lovely fragrance.
They make me happy,
and rejoice my heart.
"I Love Flowers"
I felt this image went well with this quote because it could be what Miss Maudie's yard looks with her azaleas in the the background.
This image represents Miss Maudie's way of thinking. If she is not doing her gardening work or just enjoying the outdoors, she feels like she is wasting her time, and she won't ever be able to get that time back.
This Image shows a woman doing gardening work in a straw hat and coveralls, just like Miss Maudie does.
I chose a picture of weeds to show that Miss Maudie loves everything in nature even the most undesirable things.
I found a picture of cake to show that Miss Maudie had the best cake around.
This image could be the view from Miss Maudie's porch when her and Scout would sit there and watch the sun set.
Miss Maudie doesn't like the snow because she doesn't want it to ruin her garden. I found this picture of azaleas lightly covered in snow because that is what happened in the book.
After Miss Maudie's house burnt down, she wasn't that upset about it because she was so optimistic. She told Jem that she was happy because now she could have the big garden she always wanted. I chose this picture because it shows Miss Maudie's house burning down.
This image shows a yard that has been burnt; Miss Maudie's yard could possibly look like this. Even though she lost nearly everything, she is still very optimistic.
This picture shows Miss Maudie's cake recipe that Miss Stephanie has wanted for a long time.
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