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Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson

David Cao

on 8 February 2015

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Transcript of Henry Hudson

What did Henry Hudson founded
Henry Hudson used three ships to travel to different place. The ships name are: Hopewell,Half moon it real name is halve maen and Discovery! Hopewell was used for the first voyage and second voyage.Half moon was used in the third voyage.Discovery was used in the fourth voyage!Henry Hudson ships were less than 100 feet and made entirely of wood.The room and there store room is quite crowd
Historians didn't know exact what challenges did Henry Hudson and his crew faced but they believe crew members became ill,starve or be wounded in battle .Each voyages many members of his crew didn't return back home!
The reasons for his exploration. At 1607Henry Hudson is searching to find a Northern passage to find a faster trading route to European to Asian through the arctic Ocean for his first voyage.At 1608 Hudson was ready to sail again.This time he was looking for the northeastern faster route to go to Russia to trade item (That was his second voyages)At 1609 Henry Hudson decide to head to the new world and warmer climate.He explored the northeastern coast of America at the Hudson River he hoped there were a passage to the west to the pacific .At 1610 that is was Henry Hudson final voyage and the greatest failure!Henry Hudson and his crew was search a Northwest passage when he was travailing he released that he was sailing at Hudson strait then he was sailing at Hudson Bay then he got betrayed by his crew he was forced to go to a small boat with his son and he was never ever found or spoken!

The reasons for his explorer
Hey!My name is David and the person that I am going to talk you about is Henry Hudson.Henry Hudson is a English European explorer.He was born at England, United Kingdom but the historians don't know the exact birth date it is unknown.Historians believe he was born between 1570 and 1575.Henry Hudson died at June 22,1611 at Hudson Bay.Henry Hudson first served as a cabin boy that assistant to a sea captain when he was about the age of 16 year-old until 7 year he was promoted to be an sea captain he learn to sail and navigate treacherous seas that was his skills.Henry Hudson accomplish by finding three waterways were named after him the Hudson River, Hudson Bay, and Hudson Straits.He also accomplish by sailing farther north than any explorer and mapping unknown territory in North America and the most Important trading routes in the history of Untied States .Interesting fact about Henry Hudson life Hudson was born and raised in England Untied Kingdom and his birth date is unknown. Did you know three water ways are named after his named they are called Hudson River, Hudson Bay, Hudson strait!Did you know Hudson didn't accomplish any of his voyages! And a Aboriginal killed one men from Hudson crew!

Intro and description
Henry Hudson
Henry Hudson
Henry Hudson and his crew founded Whale Bay.Whale Bay had thousand of whales!What did Henry Hudson did he told his Company and the Company told people.They use it for bones and blubber or fat from Whales to make many luxuries including lamp oil.Henry Hudson meet Katharine and they got married and they had Three child named Oliver Hudson,John Hudson,Richard Hudson .Henry Hudson and his crew was sailing on a river they hope the was a passage to Orient but he found a land that had First Nation they traded knives and hatchets for grapes, beaver and otter skin, and tobacco. Henry Hudson found and navigator (But he was not the first one to find it) Hudson river the most because he hope there was a passage to west to the Pacific.Henry Hudson discover Hudson Strait and Hudson Bay because he was sailing at Hudson Strait because he hoped to find a Northwest but then he got betrayed and was forced to be in a small boat with his son!
Timeline (Henry Hudson life)
YouTube Video Hope you enjoy!!!!!
Between 1570 and 1575
Henry Hudson was born at England, United Kingdom.
Henry Hudson was hired from the Muscovy Company.
Hope you know something
about Henry Hudson!!!!
Henry Hudson discover Whale Bay
Henry Hudson start to set sail again to search the Northeast passage
Henry Hudson start sailing to search the Northern passage to European to Asian for a faster trading passage.
Henry Hudson found land that had First Nation
First and second voyage
Third Voyage
Fourth voyage
Henry Hudson set sail in the new world
Henry Hudson set sail to search for the Northwest passage
Henry Hudson got betrayed by his crew
Henry Hudson died at June 22,1611 at Hudson Bay
Half moon/Halve maen

Henry Hudson was hired from the Dutch East Indian
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