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Madalynn de Wal

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of THE REAL 5TH WAVE

the 5th Wave--a Science Fiction Novel
The Setting
The Protagonists
By: Rick Yancey
the 5th Wave
The main character in this novel is 16 year old
Cassie Sullivan
. She is one of the last survivors on Earth after the four waves of alien attacks. She goes after her brother with the help of Evan. She is very determined and has a sense of humor, the reader sees that by reading what she says.
“I don't move. I wait behind my log, terrified. Over the past ten minutes, it's become such a dear friend, I consider naming it: Howard, my pet log.” (Yancey 107)
The Antagonist in this story is clearly the "Others". They have come to earth to destroy and take it. They have sent four waves to attack the humans and now are preparing to send a fifth wave.
This story takes place in a apocalyptic world. That means the earth is a big disaster and there is no government left. The book is set around Cincinnati in present times. The whole book takes about half a year.
The main conflict in the 5th Wave is external conflict, which is Cassie vs. the Others. The Others have killed most of the world's population and are trying to kill the rest.
But Cassie has some conflict between herself, (internal conflict). At first she doesn't know if she should trust Evan, or if she can save Sammy, and she's also trying to find out who she really is.
She also battles the elements as she struggles to live through fierce storms and the leftovers from the Other's attacks.
Throughout the book the atmosphere is suspenseful, and the mood can be happy or serious due to the word choice or tone the author is using in that part of the book.
The 5th Wave
book is a Sci-Fi because it has all the elements of science fiction book. There are aliens and drones, epidemics and disasters, futuristic science and technology, and the whole book takes place in an apocalyptic world.
The novel is told by three different people (Cassie Sullivan, Evan Walker, and Ben Parish) as they all experience the Other's attack and prepare for the fifth wave.
Ben Parish
: Ben Parish is 16 years old and his nickname is "Zombie" . He was put in the same camp as Sammy was and they become friends. Ben tries to save Sammy at the end and when he finds out Cassie and Evan are too, they all team up.
Sammy Sullivan:
Sammy is Cassie's 8 year old brother. He is taken by the others to a special camp.
The Plot
This book is about how one 16-year old girl named Cassie survives an alien attack. Now the aliens are called the "others" and they have been on Earth since it was formed but only attacked recently by sending four waves of attacks. The first wave was cutting off all electricity, the second was HUGE tsunamis along the coastlines, the third was sending a deadly virus that killed
a lot
of people, and the fourth wave was sending the aliens among humans so you could not trust anyone. All in all these waves killed 6.8 billion people .
Cassie meets another guy named Evan and they team to find Cassie's younger brother who was taken by the Others. Soon she finds out Evan is an Other, but she kind of likes him anyway... Ben Parish is also in the Other's camp with Sammy and the two become friends. Together they try to save Sammy and themselves.
The Antagonist
Secondary Characters
The Conflict
Theme and Symbols
The main theme in the 5th Wave is trust. Trust is essential to survival. Throughout the novel, Cassie tells us that, “
You can’t band together to fight without trust. And without trust, there was no hope. How do you rid the Earth of humans? Rid the humans of their humanity.”
(Yancey 12). So according to Cassie, without trust you can not have hope, and with no hope, there is no survival.
Evan Walker:
Evan Walker is 19 years old and is an "Other".He has been following Cassie because he loves her even though it is his job to kill her. He goes against his own kind to help Cassie.
Works Cited

1. Yancey, Rick.
the 5th Wave
. New York: The Penguin Group, 2013. Print

By: Madalynn de Wal
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