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Calm Down Box

No description

Jasbir Dhillon

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of Calm Down Box

What's in the box?
The Calm Down Methods intervention gives staff members a variety of methods and tools to use to help service users feel calmer and relaxed as an alternative to PRN.
Tools from the Calm Down Methods box can also be used to support the deescalation of service users who may be feeling irritable or agitated, to help prevent a difficult or aggressive situation developing.
The Calm Down Methods box includes items that service users can use to help feel more calm, relaxed or redirect difficult feelings, as well as a logbook for staff to record when items are taken out and brought back. The box comes with a menu with a list of numerous items for service users to choose from...
iPods with chill out, classical and relaxing music
Letter writing kit
Scented towels
Ear Plugs
Stress balls...
Actively offer items to service users

Advertise the box to service users...
By advertising the Calm Down Methods box using messages or posters in communal areas, you can let service users know that the box is available for their use. It may be helpful to display the menu or list of items in the box for service users to see so they know exactly what is available.
Why use the Calm Down
Methods intervention?
How do we use it?
Frequently when service users are seen to be anxious, irritable or struggling, PRN medication is used by staff to help them relax. However sometimes it may be better to support them to use their own strengths...
Massage balls
Hand massage kit
Light projecter
Cuddly toys
Herbal teas
Chewing gum
Blankets with different textures
Personal fans
If a service user is seen to be agitated, tense or irritable, offer them an item from the box, or let them choose for themselves.
What if it a service user can't find
anything that helps?
There are other calm down methods you can suggest for service users who find nothing in the box helpful. These include:
Having a cold/hot/milky drink or a snack
15 minutes with a staff member
Playing table games for distraction
Having quiet or relaxation time
Useful tips....
Make sure the logbook is completed each time a service user borrows or brings back an item. This will help keep track of items as well as seeing which items are being used most frequently and service users find helpful.
Useful tips...
Although this intervention has been named 'Calm Down Methods', you can use other names that service users may understand or like better. Some names given are:
Box of Calm
Calm Down Box
Relaxation Toolbox
Useful tips...
If a particular item from the box is helpful for a service user, make sure to note this down. Other members of the team can use this information to support service users to manage difficult feelings or difficult situations in future.
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